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1:22:15 | Mar 25th

Bear tunnel connoisseur, fur smell expert, and renowned wildlife biologist, Wes Larson (AKA "Grizkid" on instagram), skypes into the executive buffet for a long scintillating discussion on his amazing...Show More

1:56:01 | Mar 18th

Pioneering American word-mouther, intergalactic podcast distributor, and Antarctic ice-hole jockey, DUNCAN TRUSSELL, drops into wind zone for an opus legacy recording! A classic 2 hour mega cough sess...Show More
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1:10:27 | Feb 4th

Comedian of Canadian origin, soothsayer extraordinaire, and luxury hotel expert, Debra DiGiovanni, lays waste to the faces of Johnny and Blair with tales of all types. A modern comedic GEM deb dazzles...Show More

1:10:50 | Jan 28th

Mental mastermind, vessel of the immutable almighty, and comedian, Steve Hernandez, returns to the executive buffet to deliver insightful mega doses to Blair and Johnny. The trio get locked into sever...Show More

1:10:11 | Jan 21st

Forward blasting psychonaut magician, internationally touring comedian, and 5 letter name bonanza, Shane Mauss, slides into the hottest zone of executives for a buffet of the purest sort.
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