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Historical Blindness

Recorded History Podcast Network

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The Historical Blindness podcast is a discussion of interesting and largely forgotten stories from our past, with a specific focus on demonstrating the inscrutability, the ineffability, and the unknowability of the past. By examining cases of outrag...Show More


43:23 | May 26th

As we see anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and hate speech surge during the coronavirus pandemic, a historical pattern can be discerned, a tradition of fear and resentment that is well illustrated in ...Show More

37:30 | May 12th

In this episode, I address some false historical claims about pandemics and focus in on a devastating and mysterious plague in 16th century Mexico in an effort to find some historical perspective on o...Show More
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01:02 | Apr 29th

An update on episode release. The next episode will be delayed. by a couple weeks because of an unexpected surgery. "Chance" by Kai Engel licensed under an International Creative Commons Attribution ...Show More

28:45 | Apr 14th

In this episode, I tell the story of a legendary artifact and the drama surrounding its purported discovery in the 1930s. This is a sequel of sorts to the last episode because the revived Clampers pla...Show More

30:46 | Mar 31st

In this episode, I look at the long and storied history of a California Gold Rush era secret society with roots all the way back to the beginning of time! It's a scarcely credible tale that includes a...Show More
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