Crime and Cocktails

Crime and Cocktails


A group of people drinking fun drinks and talking about interesting true crimes.

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Episode 17 – Evelyn Dick

1:16:38 | Aug 13th, 2017

In this episode, we discuss the trial of Evelyn Dick for the murder of her husband. After the trial, the body of a strangled child was found hidden in a suitcase in Evelyn’s house. It’s an interesting case that we first heard about from the podcast “...Show More

Episode 16 – The Jamison Family

1:00:16 | Aug 13th, 2017

October 2009. A family in Oklahoma drives out to the woods and never returns. Their car and dog are found abandoned, but their bodies aren’t discovered until four years later. What happened to them? We try to find out in this episode. http://crimeand...Show More

Episode 15 – Glennon Engleman

37:14 | Aug 13th, 2017

In this episode, we talk about a Missouri dentist who was also a murderer. St. Louis Ice Water 1part each: tequila gin vodka triple sec apple vodka Splash of lemon lime soda Combine in an ice filled glass More

Episode 14 – D.B. Cooper

1:19:04 | Aug 13th, 2017

A mysterious man hijacks a plane, obtains a ransom from authorities, and jumps from the plane over the wooded area of the northwest USA. Did he escape? Did he die from the jump? Was he even human? Listen and find out! More

Episode 13 – The Keddie Camp Murders

2:43:39 | Aug 13th, 2017 In this episode, we discuss the mysterious mass murder that occurred in a small cabin in camp Keddie California. The case remains unsolved to this day...Show More

Episode 12 – Tamam Shud (The Somerton Man)

1:25:17 | Aug 13th, 2017 This is a mysterious case of a dead man found on Somerton beach, located south of Adelaide, Australia. No cause of death was determined and no one could ident...Show More

Episode 11 – The Jefferson Davis 8

1:03:03 | Aug 12th, 2017

Southern Louisiana. The air is thick with humidity and mosquitoes. Eight bodies are discovered between 2005 and 2009 amid the snakes and stagnant waters of Louisiana’s swamps. Eight young women murdered with clues suggesting anything from a possible ...Show More

Episode 10 – The Lead Masks Case

2:13:04 | Dec 30th, 2016

Caipirinha 1/2 lime quartered 1 tsp. white sugar 2.5 oz. cachaca Muddle sugar and lime together until sugar is dissolved. Add cachaca and stir with ice. In this episode we discuss the mysterious deaths of two electronics technicians in Brazil over 50...Show More