Twenty Thousand Hertz

#36 | Hamilton

31:12 | Mar 5th, 2018

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Broadway’s award-winning, record-breaking, smash hit, Hamilton, is a musical unlike any other. Get the story from people in the room where it happens of how sound helps tell the musical’s story eight ...Show More


sknextst recommended:Mar 23rd, 2018

Even as a Hamilton superfan, I hadn’t thought about much of what this short episode covers. This was really enjoyable and interesting to hear.

alicekoMay 14th, 2019

@sknextst It' SOOO GOOD! Glad to meet another superfan. Please share any other Hami podcasts with me if you find them!

epekilis recommended:Nov 25th, 2019

“I love the knowledge that an audience has no idea what we’ve done . . . because we’ve done our job quietly.” Such a great episode. It’s the first anniversary of seeing Hamilton last year, so I thought I’d go back and pick up some podcasts on the topic. Thnks for the list, @AliceKo

alicekoNov 26th, 2019

@epekillis So glad you enjoyed this, one of my favorite episodes about Hamilton!

aliceko recommended:May 13th, 2019

In preparation for my second viewing of Hamilton in NYC, I listened to a bunch of podcast episodes about Hamilton to learn more in's and out's of the show. This was probably my favorite episode as I learned all about the technical and interesting sound design that goes into the show.

dannyMay 14th, 2019

@aliceko great find! Hope I get to see it in person one day.

alicekoMay 14th, 2019

@danny They are launching in Toronto - Feb 2020!

dannyMay 15th, 2019

@aliceko 😁

alicekoJul 11th


shreyaismsJul 13th

@aliceko The Ten Duel Commandments is one of the cleverest pieces in the show, imho. I loved the detail we explored in this episode. The more I learn about this show, the more inspired I get by every single person involved in it's making. They put their best foot forward everyday and every time💛


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