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Xena Warrior Business

Chris Sims and Allison Stock


A mighty podcast forged in the heat of conversation. Xena Warrior Princess fans Chris Sims and Allison Stock are joined by delightful guests every other week to watch every episode of the iconic nineties show and analyze what made it so endearing. Th...Show More

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56:47 | Jul 31st

Well, we’ve got yet another episode where Xena feels bad about her dark past, but this one actually slaps. Xena realizes that she has a copycat warlord following in her footsteps, while Gabrielle stru...Show More

49:23 | Jul 17th

As the dreaded India arc looms ever closer, Gabrielle, in a stunning display of being too busy seeing the good in other people to learn from her mistakes, falls in with yet another cult. Chris and All...Show More
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48:39 | Jul 3rd

This fortnight Chris and Ally talk about Locked Up and Tied Down, the horniest name for the least horny episode of Xena Warrior Princess. The show keeps forgetting its stance on murder. Sometimes, it’...Show More

56:50 | Jun 19th

No good has ever come from a dance. If you've seen Footloose, you can probably skip this episode of Xena, but don't skip this episode of Xena Warrior Business! Wannabe dictator Shitty Steve is running...Show More

56:20 | May 22nd

Maybe she‚Äôs born with it ‚ÄĒ maybe it‚Äôs helmetrey! In these unprecedented times, Chris and Ally find themselves at an impasse, with Chris bemoaning this episode‚Äôs redundancy while Ally revels in its sta...Show More
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