Random Ass Radio

Jon Wilcox

Random Ass Radio is an Internet Radio Station that promotes neither decency nor good taste. It simply offers an interesting variety of personality disorders and substance abuse in a predominantly talk format that is wedged between a lot of great musi...Show More


1:33:10 | Aug 3rd, 2019

Jon and Marina manage to NOT lose their collective sh*t as they share angry news. Instead they take it out on Marina's Angriest Moment, Unfocused Anger, The JD Sports Bomb Threat, Head Injuries, Pizza...Show More

1:40:14 | Aug 3rd, 2019

Jon and Marina bring you news from Europe that in no way mentions America. The episode is full of Swimming Reindeer In Norway, France's Taxes, Don't Cement Your Head In A Microwave, Ceviche, Andy's Ra...Show More
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1:40:31 | Aug 3rd, 2019

Jon and Marina bring you news from the world of sex you didn't even know you had to know. They thrust tirelessly in to the unknown with Sex Makes War, Anti-Gay Religion, Gay Gorillas, Mooberry, ER Sex...Show More

1:48:56 | Aug 3rd, 2019

Jon and Marina bring you the ultimate small talk episode about the weather. They storm along with Central Air, Humidity, Hurricane Ivan, Jon's Tornado, Favorite Weather, F*ck Florida Heat, Seasons, He...Show More

1:52:35 | Aug 3rd, 2019

Jon and Marina, already tiring of baseball and world events, talk a bit about the NFL. The run the gambit on Sports Winners, Justify, The National Anthem, Dog Eating, The 1st Amendment, They Don't Hat...Show More
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