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A show about the people behind environmental protection in China. In-depth interviews on urgent topics, new ideas, and innovative solutions from professionals in the environmental field in China. Produced in collaboration with the Beijing Energy Net...Show More

29:42 | Dec 22nd, 2019

In this episode, our panel sits down with Edmund Downie to discuss China’s vision for a Global Energy Interconnection, or 全球能源互联网 in Chinese. Downie is an energy analyst with the Analysis Group in Bos...Show More

25:33 | Dec 13th, 2019

Biodiversity loss and climate change have may of the same causes: ecosystem destruction both releases carbon into the atmosphere and shrinks the area available for threatened species to survive. Natur...Show More
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23:59 | Nov 27th, 2019

This week we join past guest and recent host, Anders Hove, for a journey to Inner Mongolia, Northern California, and Central Europe, where he recently tested the charging infrastructure on three long-...Show More

26:44 | Nov 14th, 2019

Li Shuo, Senior Global Policy Advisor at Greenpeace East Asia, gives a preview of the biggest issues on the table at the climate COP (Conference of the Parties) this year in Madrid, and what role Chin...Show More

19:36 | Nov 6th, 2019

China's data centers currently consume over 2% of China's electricity production and that share is growing quickly. In today's episode, we sit down with Greenpeace East Asia's Ye Ruiqi to discuss how ...Show More
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