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Forbes Under 30 podcast is about young innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs. This weekly show, hosted by Steve Goldbloom, features guests who are taking big chances to achieve the not-so-small goal of changing the world.
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Best of – Rachel Sumekh – originally week of 11/22/2017 – Swipe left, when it comes to hunger on campus.

39:25 | Jul 25th, 2018

Rachel Sumekh, CEO and founder of Swipe Out Hunger, wants you to be a starfish, not a spider. Steve talks with Rachel about the success Swipe out Hunger is having on 100 college campuses, organizing students to donate their unused meal points to stu...Show More
FORBES UNDER THIRTY BEST OF FOR WEEK OF 7/16 “Micah Hendler – still planting seeds of peace” – (aired on 6/1 2017)

45:49 | Jul 18th, 2018

As founder of the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, Micah Hendler found an artistic salve to conflict by creating a group of young Israeli and Palestinian talents.
Caitlin Strandberg – a different kind of rock star.

46:17 | Jul 10th, 2018

Caitlin is a 30 Under 30 Alum, and is currently a Principal on Lerer Hippeau’s Investment team. Steve Goldbloom has an energetic chat with her about the importance of passion and determination, and why being a coxswain is great training for a succes...Show More
Annie Lawless

37:26 | Jul 4th, 2018

Annie Lawless shares her journey from Suja to “Lawless Beauty” and explains how passion is her key to success.
Mehak Vohra’s fast journey from the halls of Purdue, to the streets of San Francisco to launch Jamocha Media.

24:54 | Jun 27th, 2018

Mehak Vohra is a Gen Z expert who runs an influencer agency. She's also a vlogger, growth-hacker, Weird Al fan, and mayoral candidate. Straight from VidCon, meet the 21 year old of the moment, and LinkedIn's star creator, Mehak Vohra.
Mayor Michael Tubbs And His Life Of (Mostly) Green Lights

33:18 | Jun 20th, 2018

Mayor Michael Tubbs was raised by a single-teenage mother and his grandmother in a rough part of Stockton, CA with an incarcerated dad. Now, he’s the youngest and first African-American mayor of his hometown. At 27, the Stanford grad has been immerse...Show More
Alberto Altamirano Is Connecting Citizens and Government Through Tech

26:00 | Jun 13th, 2018

Inspired by the smart city movement, Alberto Altamirano cofounded Cityflag, a civic technology company. Altamirano says it’s the first social network for 311 services, where citizens can more easily connect with government to report a variety of issu...Show More
Varun Sivaram Warns That Solar Power Without Innovation Will Flounder

32:52 | Jun 6th, 2018

Varun Sivaram, is a Forbes 30 Under-30 listee in Law and Policy, a Philip D. Reed fellow for science and technology at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the soon-to-be-published book, "Digital Decarbonization." Hear Sivaram talk about s...Show More
Original ‘Hamilton’ Cast Member Places Priority On Empathy

27:23 | May 30th, 2018

Hear original “Hamilton” cast member, Okieriete "Oak" Onaodowan sit down with Zack O’Malley Greenburg at the Forbes Under-30 Summit last year. He talks about the golden, nascent days of the smash hit, how he found The Theatre and what it was like to ...Show More
No Cow Founder On Leaping From A One-Man-Show To General Mills

39:39 | May 23rd, 2018

Hear how the spirited Daniel Katz, founder of No Cow, applied his relentless focus to build up his million-dollar company almost single-handedly by age 21, the hard-earned business lessons he’s learned along the way and why dropping out of college ma...Show More
Move Over Kale, Kuli Kuli Has Brought Moringa To Market

35:52 | May 16th, 2018

A Peace Corps stint cut short by a terrorist attack in Niger didn’t stop Lisa Curtis’s dream of bringing the super green, Moringa, to the United States. Hear Curtis, founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli, talk about building up her business, setbacks that ma...Show More
Touch Of Modern Site Hawks The Unique To Men

30:20 | May 9th, 2018

E-commerce site Touch of Modern hopes to take the modern man to the next level of cool by curating items from LED canvas art to silk ties. Hear from cofounder and CEO Jerry Hum about building the company with his three other cofounders and how they s...Show More
Ava Science Takes On The Fertility Space With A Bracelet

33:56 | May 2nd, 2018

Lea von Bidder, cofounder and CEO of Ava Science, has babies on her mind. That is, how to get her company’s medical device, a fertility bracelet that tracks nine different physiological factors, into as many people’s lives that have babies on their m...Show More
Jonny Pops Cofounders Keep It Simple With Their 'Smoothies On A Stick'

35:39 | Apr 25th, 2018

It all started with a blender, an ice tray, toothpicks and fresh food -- in a college dorm room. Hear from Jonny Pop cofounders, Erik Brust and Connor Wray about growing their business, competing in an impacted space and how they learned to spot the ...Show More
Chloe Coscarelli On Cupcakes To Cookbooks

36:07 | Apr 18th, 2018

Chloe Coscarelli made her mark with an award-winning cupcake. Now, she's published four cookbooks, the latest of which hit the bookshelves just a couple of months ago. Hear all about the recipes of "Chloe Flavor", the labor that goes into creating a ...Show More
Amanda Slavin Of Catalyst Creativ Is Disrupting How To Raise Companies To The Next Level

47:07 | Apr 11th, 2018

The vivacious Amanda Slavin is cofounder and leader of Catalyst Creativ, an “experience studio” with expertise in marketing, events and design. Prioritizing solving internal pain points before creating on and offline campaigns, Catalyst Creativ digs ...Show More
Solar Head Of State Is Putting Panels On Prominent Government Buildings

35:40 | Apr 4th, 2018

James Ellsmoor is the director of Solar Head of State, an organization that wants to raise awareness about the advantages of solar power by installing solar photovoltaic systems on high-profile buildings - like government and public structures.
Sarah Flint Is Luxury Shoe Designer For The Masses

38:42 | Mar 28th, 2018

Her shoes caught the eye of Cindy Crawford, an early investor, and from there the momentum kicked in. Now, celebrities including Meghan Markle, Scarlett Johansson and Amal Clooney are sporting her kicks. After establishing her name at high-end depar...Show More
The Culinary Rise Of Chris Coombs

42:21 | Mar 21st, 2018

Award-winning Chef Chris Coombs owns and runs some of Boston's hottest restaurants through his company, Boston Urban Hospitality. Hear his non-traditional path to success, that included a stint working at a broiled haddock hole in the wall at the age...Show More
Emily Warren Stays Close To The Earth As Her Star Ascends

37:51 | Mar 14th, 2018

Her vocals are praised. Her songwriting has garnered her a Grammy. She's written for high-end artists including: Shawn Mendes, Melanie Martinez and The Chainsmokers. She wrote a love letter that went terribly wrong. Hear all about this 25-year-old Ne...Show More
Cora Challenges The Status Quo Of Period Products

37:25 | Mar 7th, 2018

Molly Hayward, co-founder of Cora, set out to make safe period products for women by using organic and ethically-sourced ingredients -- with an eye for design too. Hear how Hayward took those first baby business steps, what it meant to find a co-foun...Show More
MDMflow Is Building A Beauty Brand To Flatter All Shades Of Skin

34:33 | Feb 28th, 2018

In 2013, Florence Adepoju was whipping up lipsticks, one at a time by hand, in her parents’ garden shed while studying cosmetic science at London College of Fashion. Now, her vibrant and unusual colors, inspired by hip-hop culture, are sold online an...Show More
Shine Delivers A Daily Dose Of Support To Your Phone

43:18 | Feb 21st, 2018

Meet Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi, cofounders of Shine, an app that sends you a daily thought crafted to lift you up, like what you might expect from your friends that care about you the most.
Coveteur Cofounder Takes You Into Cool People's Closets

36:11 | Feb 14th, 2018

Jake Rosenberg, co-founder and creative director of Coveteur, wants you to consider the online magazine your style-ly friend that has all the insider knowledge of what to wear, where to go and creative people to inspire you. Hear how Coveteur grew fr...Show More
One Stop Interior Designing And Shopping With Hutch

44:54 | Feb 7th, 2018

Beatrice Fischel-Bock and her two initial co-founders simultaneously went to college full time, worked part time and on the weekends built their business. It took three iterations to land on its final incarnation – Hutch – an app and online platform ...Show More
How This Broke Blogger Turned Into A Booming Businessman

42:57 | Jan 31st, 2018

Kyle Taylor started blogging when he was penniless to chronicle how he was making ends meet while paying off his $50K dollars of student debt. His blog, The Penny Hoarder, launched in 2010, caught fire and is reported to have made $20.5 million in 20...Show More
LeafLink Helps Cannabis Companies Take Root And Grow

37:59 | Jan 24th, 2018

Cannabusiness is booming and LeafLink is at the forefront by connecting pot shops and brands. Hear from Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO, talk about the origins of starting a business in an industry he knew little about, the fast growth the company is ...Show More
Your Dog's Meals Delivered To Your Door

38:42 | Jan 17th, 2018

Farmer’s Dog delivers prepared and portioned food for your four-legged friend, to your door. The subscription-based program offers a menu that includes a protein, veggies, starches and nutrients so pooch gets balanced meals that master can envy. Hear...Show More
The Student Entrepreneur Whisperer

39:40 | Jan 10th, 2018

Some might say Peter Boyce II (and team) is the rich uncle a college kid wishes they had – the one that will put resources and capital behind a young entrepreneur’s brilliant business idea. During his last year at Harvard, Boyce started Rough Venture...Show More
John Sculley, Former Apple CEO Who Launched The Mac, On Entrepreneurship

45:16 | Jan 3rd, 2018

Moira Forbes, Executive Vice President of Forbes Media, moderates a panel including John Sculley, the former Apple CEO who worked with a 20-something Steve Jobs to launch the Mac computer. Also joining the discussion are two young and incredibly succ...Show More
Harnessing Mushroom Power To Eradicate Plastics

33:20 | Dec 27th, 2017

Eben Bayer says growing up on a farm taught him a whole lot about mechanical engineering, the career he has ultimately grown into. In college, Bayer stumbled upon a kind of glue that comes of mixing mycelium (mushroom roots) and agricultural waste. B...Show More
Nicolas Bijan Is Updating His Dad’s Empire For The Modern Man

47:08 | Dec 20th, 2017

Nicolas Bijan, son of late, iconic fashion designer Bijan Pakzad, took over his father’s business in 2011. Now, the weight of carrying on his father’s legacy of exclusive, luxurious suits for men is on his shoulders. A few of the powerful who have wo...Show More
Yakir Gola’s goPuff Delivers Millennial Cravings 24/7

41:02 | Dec 13th, 2017

Yearning for a bag of chips but can’t get off the couch to pick it up yourself? The desperate plight of snackers with a lack of motivation and a yearning for munchies inspired Yakir Gola and his best pal Rafael Ilishayev to develop and launch their o...Show More
Teju Ravilochan's Uncharted Is Making Dents In Worlds Most Difficult Dilemmas

41:11 | Dec 6th, 2017

Unbridled enthusiasm to solve intractable problems is what drives Teju Ravilochan, the CEO and cofounder of Uncharted (formerly The Unreasonable Institute).Ravilochan and team are staring down issues like access to nourishing food, education, healthc...Show More
Karim Abouelnaga Is Changing Lives By Making Summer School Cool

43:10 | Nov 29th, 2017

When young students return to school in the fall, they might have lost around three months of math and reading learning that teachers have to spend valuable time reteaching. Karim Abouelnaga is a product of the public school shortfalls and triumphs a...Show More
Rachel Sumekh Is Swiping Out Hunger On Campus

39:30 | Nov 22nd, 2017

Deeply concerned by the high percentages of college students who go hungry, Rachel Sumekh, CEO and founder of Swipe Out Hunger, set out to solve the problem with her non-profit which allows students to donate their unused meal points to students in n...Show More
Peche Di, Entrepreneur, Is Trans Role And Fashion Model

29:08 | Nov 15th, 2017

Like so many immigrants, Peche Di left her native country for the U.S. to create a better life. In America since a teenager, the Thai beauty queen now owns and runs a modeling agency representing trans models, Trans Models NYC, and cofounded a trans ...Show More
From Struggling College Student To Making Ads for Giant Brands

43:15 | Nov 8th, 2017

James Shani was a college kid with a dream when he spontaneously sent a branded Tesla video to Elon Musk. The last thing he expected was for the visionary to call. On this episode of the "Forbes Under 30" podcast hear Shani talk about the call that c...Show More
Flipping Pancakes Into Profits

36:40 | Nov 1st, 2017

Two Yale graduates threw their combined education of math and chemistry into making healthy, just-add-water pancake mixes with their company, Birch Benders. Currently, their paleo mix is the #1 natural pancake best-seller in the United States. Hear h...Show More
How Suja Juice Cofounder Is Pressing Her Skills Into Her New Beauty Line

47:15 | Oct 25th, 2017

In 2012, Annie Lawless co-founded the phenomenally successful Suja Juice. Since then, she's been building up her blog, BLAWNDE and just two days ago launched her new beauty product line, Lawless. Hear from the entrepreneur how she got Suja off the gr...Show More
David Litt On Writing Jokes For President Obama

48:16 | Oct 18th, 2017

The self-deprecating David Litt, author of the newly released, "Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years," shares his unconventional path to the White House, his days as an initially junior speechwriter and what happened when his nerves ove...Show More
Davina Durgana Uses Stats To Fight Modern-Day Slavery

33:43 | Oct 11th, 2017

Using statistics, Davina Durgana works for the Walk Free Foundation and tracks human trafficking to support nonprofit and law enforcement efforts around the world. Hear about the many forms in which modern-day slavery exists, which countries have the...Show More
Nisolo Shoes Place Priority On Ethical Business Practices

38:13 | Oct 4th, 2017

Patrick Woodyard, co-founder and CEO of Nisolo shoes moved to Peru to work in microfinance. He was helping out Doris Quispe with her grocery store, when he met her husband Willan Ulloa, a shoemaker. Captivated by the craftsmanship and classic beauty...Show More
Kiip Kicks Traditional Ads To The Curb And Replaces With Rewards

43:23 | Sep 27th, 2017

Brian Wong saw a marketing opportunity in people's willingness to have their behavior tracked through apps. The company he founded and leads is Kiip (pronounced: keep). It aims to catch people on their app in the act of accomplishment and then match ...Show More
Can Ice Cream Be Nutritious? Enlightened Says Yes

33:12 | Sep 20th, 2017

Michael Shoretz, founder and CEO of Enlightened, was a personal trainer whose clients found ice cream to be the hardest craving to quit. So, enduring much trial and error, he created an ice cream that is both tasty and nutritious. Impossible? Thats u...Show More
Gimlet Media's Host Of "The Pitch" On Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

25:55 | Sep 13th, 2017

Josh Muccio, podcast host of Gimlet Media's, "The Pitch" joins us to chat about the entrepreneurial lessons he's learned on the show, common mistakes founders make when pitching and how a cold email changed his career trajectory for the better.
Forget Juicing, It's All About Crickets

31:06 | Sep 6th, 2017

After delighting in the flavor of crunchy caterpillars and scorpions while traveling abroad, Rose Wang and college roomie Laura D'Asaro, hatched their startup: Chirps. Chirps makes food products infusing chips, dry cookie mix and protein powder with ...Show More
Basic Outfitters Wants To Fix Your Underwear Problem

40:35 | Aug 30th, 2017

Wife and husband team Laura and Michael Dweck are working together to solve a relatable problem: a lack of inexpensive and quality basics for men. Hear how their company, Basic Outfitters, wants to change the way guys buy clothes on this episode of F...Show More
Sharing-Economy Business Wrapify Lets You Make Money While You Drive

27:37 | Aug 23rd, 2017

Hear how James Heller, CEO and cofounder of Wrapify, leverages his twin passions of tech and marketing to pay people to dress their cars up in advertisements. His pitch: make bank while running your errands.
Author Gabby Bernstein's Advice On Spiritual Resiliency

44:02 | Aug 16th, 2017

Getting knocked down is inevitable. Everyone has life lows, even Gabby Bernstein, spiritual guide and public speaker who has leveraged her robust online presence into her #1 New York Times bestselling book, "The Universe Has Your Back." Bernstein sha...Show More
Though Dire, Documentary Filmmaker Says Coral Can Survive Bleaching

36:23 | Aug 9th, 2017

Zack Rago travelled with documentary filmmakers determined to record coral bleaching. Giant swaths of the colorful animal (yes, coral qualifies as an animal) turns white because of overly warm ocean temperatures. Coral can survive this startling tran...Show More
How Clevver Built A Booming Digital Media Brand On YouTube

47:46 | Aug 2nd, 2017

Joslyn Davis was there at the beginning of Clevver, when the nascent YouTube idea was run out of a proverbial garage. Now, with over eleven million subscribers across four active Clevver YouTube channels, she and cohost Erin Robinson are riding and b...Show More
Jessica Alba And The Fine Brothers On Building Their Businesses

50:20 | Jul 25th, 2017

Jessica Alba talks about how her sickly childhood inspired her to start the very successful The Honest Company, a nontoxic household goods startup. Also, she shares how she tackled starting and building a company, with little knowledge of traditional...Show More
The Minimalists's Approach To Everything

47:43 | Jul 19th, 2017

Authors, podcasters and filmmakers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus had lucrative, corporate careers until they didn't. Childhood friends, together they went in search of seeking less material, but more meaning. Now, they're spreading the wo...Show More
Galen Welsch Is Creating Jobs and Clean Drinking Water In Africa

43:42 | Jul 12th, 2017

Galen Welsch started Jibu, a for-profit social enterprise with the intention of making money and an impact at the same time. Hear how he is building up his company, training people in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to own Jibu franchises, which bring clean...Show More
YouTube Trailblazer Bethany Mota Is An Author

47:10 | Jul 5th, 2017

YouTube was mega-influencer Bethany Mota's initial mode of communication, but the Forbes Under-30 List alum is branching out creatively by writing a book, Make Your Mind Up. Tune in to hear more about the ancient days of YouTube and the sensational s...Show More
This Music Manager Is Putting A Spotlight On The EDM Scene

49:47 | Jun 28th, 2017

Manager Michael George has been scouting talent since he was a teenager in New York. Nearly five years ago, he spotted then 17-year-old Martin Garrix, now an international sensation in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, and brought him into the ...Show More
Meet The Dapper 15-Year-Old CEO Of Mo's Bows

32:43 | Jun 21st, 2017

Moziah "Mo" Bridges is the 15-year-old CEO of Mo's Bows. The Memphis-based company, which he launched at the ripe young age of nine, specializes in handmade bow ties. The entrepreneur discusses his family business and industry takeover.
Rachel Sumekh Is Swiping Out Hunger On Campus

41:31 | Jun 14th, 2017

Founder & CEO of Swipe Out Hunger, Rachel Sumekh reveals the entrepreneurial secrets that accelerated her non-profit all the way to national recognition from then President Obama.
Electro-Pop Star Lights Brings Her Music To Life With Pictures

41:39 | Jun 7th, 2017

Award-winning musician, singer and songwriter Lights discusses her career and latest project, Skin and Earth. The concept album and comic book series was written and illustrated all by Lights and is being teased out monthly from May through September...Show More
Micah Hendler's Chorus for Peace

47:37 | Jun 1st, 2017

As founder of the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus, Michah Hendler found an artistic salve to conflict by creating a group comprised of young Israeli and Palestinian talents.
Hello Alfred's Marcela Sapone Is Checking Off Your To-Do List

44:09 | May 24th, 2017

Hello Alfred, an errand-service company founded by Marcela Sapone, will grab your groceries and pick up your dry cleaning -- any chore that will save the customer time. The business has tested well in Boston, New York and San Francisco. Sapone shares...Show More
Charles Rogers Discusses Hollywood And His Dark Comedy TV Series

57:22 | May 17th, 2017

New to the Hollywood big time, rising star Charles Rogers is the co-creator of TBS's breakout comedy, "Search Party." Rogers came onto the scene after his film "Fort Tilden" picked up the grand jury prize at SXSW in 2014. He and fellow NYU collaborat...Show More
Unapologetically Outspoken: Ana Kasparian Of The Young Turks Online Network

1:00:20 | May 10th, 2017

Once conservative and now unabashedly liberal, Ana Kasparian is co-host and producer of the provocative and politically-charged online news and commentary show, The Young Turks. On this episode, she talks about climbing the very competitive broadcast...Show More
Amino Apps: The Fastest Growing App You've Never Heard Of

39:28 | May 3rd, 2017

Want to talk the edgiest new video game? Love pontificating on the drama of K-Pop? Ben Anderson, CEO and founder of Amino Apps, wants to connect you to others that feel the same way. His company houses thousands of communities bonded together by an i...Show More
Stress Inspired Yunha Kim's Startup, Simple Habit

46:41 | Apr 26th, 2017

Yunha Kim, CEO and founder of Simple Habit, created an app that gives members a plethora of five-minute meditations to be used in an abundance of situations. Hear about how she built the company, find out the most popular topics on the platform and b...Show More Cofounders Say Conflict Breeds Creativity

45:31 | Apr 18th, 2017

Conflict is inevitable between friends -- and cofounders. This is the case for Ilan Zechory and Tom Lehman, cofounders of the annotation site But conflict doesn't get them down. Instead, they allow it to influence better decision making. ...Show More
Jessica Mah Of inDinero Is Not Your Average Accountant

35:16 | Apr 12th, 2017

An IRS enrolled agent, private pilot and ham radio operator, Jessica Mah caught the entrepreneurial bug when she sold trace drawings on a playground in second grade. Fast forward to today, she's the co-founder and CEO of inDinero, a company that prov...Show More
How Tatiana Birgisson Got Her MATI Energy Into Whole Foods

36:15 | Apr 5th, 2017

Tatiana Birgisson went from making tea in a giant pasta pot in college to producing her MATI energy drinks in a 30,000 square foot factory in North Carolina. A bout of depression is what unwittingly started Birgisson on her path to entrepreneurship. ...Show More
Matthew Ramirez Makes The Tough Job Of Teaching Writing Easier

30:33 | Mar 29th, 2017

Matthew Ramirez was a teacher with a problem to solve. Frustrated with giving the same writing critiques to different students repeatedly, he set out to automate his responses. He figured this would save him time, and give him the ability to phrase h...Show More
Anna Therese Day: Young Reporter Risking Her Life In A War Zone

46:26 | Mar 22nd, 2017

Idaho-native Anna Therese Day was in the right place at the right time. A young journalism student studying in the Middle East, she observed the Arab Spring eruption first-hand. Hear why she's willing to put herself in high-conflict zones for journal...Show More
Eben Bayer Is Replacing Plastics With Mushrooms

30:12 | Mar 15th, 2017

Plastics are out. Mushrooms are in. Raised on a working farm, Eben Bayer is the cofounder and CEO of Ecovative, a company developing home-compostable bioplastics, based on mushroom materials. His company, which made the 2015 Forbes Under 30 Manufactu...Show More
Jeffrey Martìn of HonorCode Helps Teachers and Students Crack Coding

38:34 | Mar 8th, 2017

Jeffrey Martìn is founder, president and CEO of HonorCode. The non-profit organization was the recipient of $425,000 for winning the Forbes Change the World Competition. HonorCode is dedicated to bringing coding curriculum and social-emotional learn...Show More
Trae Crowder: The Liberal Redneck Shares On Comedy Life In LA

1:03:26 | Mar 1st, 2017

Former Department of Energy employee turned stand-up comedian, Trae Crowder, has been on the comedy scene for over six years. One viral Facebook video changed Crowder's life and uprooted him from his Tennessee home to a new life as an entertainer in ...Show More
Millenial Myths Dispelled: Andrew Au

37:04 | Feb 22nd, 2017

Andrew Au, President of Intercept Group, a full-service marketing agency, has cornered the coveted millennial market. Hear from Andrew about what marketing agencies need to do to survive, what the core values are for the 18-34 year-old set and what's...Show More
Jim Gilliam: Survivor. Founder. Connector.

29:14 | Feb 15th, 2017

The Founder and CEO of Nationbuilder, Jim Gilliam, is making software to help leaders lead better and more easily. He's also a two-time cancer and double-lung transplant survivor, all by the time he was 29. Hear what this walking miracle of science s...Show More
Brave Muslim Girl: Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

26:13 | Feb 8th, 2017

Despite the discomfort of stares from her young peers in post 9/11 America, teenage Amani Al-Khatahtbeh chose to wear a headscarf, so to declare her Islamic faith. This effervescent Jersey-girl who relishes make-up and fashion, started the blog, musl...Show More
NFL Star And Unexpected Artist: Martellus Bennett

34:43 | Feb 1st, 2017

Martellus Bennett, the hulking and talented tight-end of the New England Patriots, is way more than a football player. Off the gridiron, Bennett, known for his lack of pretense, is a creator at heart. In this conversation, discover his playful and ar...Show More
Forbes Under 30 Trailer

01:46 | Jan 10th, 2017

Forbes Under 30 launches Wednesday, February 1, 2017