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The End of Privacy as We Know It?

29:59 | Feb 10th

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A secretive start-up promising the next generation of facial recognition software has compiled a database of images far bigger than anything ever constructed by the United States government: over thre...Show More


olivier recommended:Feb 10th

I read a lot about online privacy everyday, but this episode was very interesting and important. The part about them running the journalist’s photo in their system was so creepy. Well worth a listen.

dannyFeb 10th

@olivier 💯 and I'm coming away thinking I don't want that CEO making important decisions that can have an impact on me.

olivierFeb 10th

@danny totally. It seems that when money and ethics are concerned, many CEOs will choose to follow the money. And then there’s the issue that consent doesn’t seem to be needed for them to find our images. I wonder if legislation will ever come in to try and slow down the adoption of facial recogniti...Show More

dannyFeb 10th

@olivier I believe legislation is already happening in some form. They said one state barred the police in that state from using Clearview (but maybe that's just Clearview and not all facial recognition) Btw, if you go to the homefeed and scroll down a couple recommendations, you'll see a discussio...Show More

mmFeb 12th

@olivier This episode was something else! I was gasping the whole way through. The journalist photo part definitely added drama and unexpected entertainment value to the episode making like that saying "truth is stranger than fiction". I think there will always be people in the world that will try ...Show More

olivierFeb 12th

@mm yes. I know about China. I started spotting them at hotels and customs about a year ago. It’s now in the train stations to authentic ID cards

jctrevino recommended:Feb 11th

It is no surprise Google, Facebook and the other media giants didn’t want to meddle in the facial recognition space. Goodbye privacy. And in whose hands is such a sensitive topic?!

mmFeb 12th

@jctrevino At the beginning, I was thinking that Google and Facebook does have tech like this in their facial recognition for photos, but I guess they don't scrape everything to build such a comprehensive database to the point where side profiles are recognized. I was also thinking that Google has r...Show More

mmFeb 12th

@jctrevino Also, we're hosting a discussion about AI in facial recognition tech right now on Podyssey with The Sleepwalkers' podcast host. Thought you'd be interested in joining us here:

mm recommended:Feb 12th

This episode gave me creepy chills! I'm not surprised that Peter Thiel is an investor in this company. It's exactly the type of investment he'll make. I don't 100% understand why the investors kept on wanting this to be a "consumer play". What would that look like? A Google Photos competitor? And t...Show More

rosaguacFeb 12th

sooooo chilling

mmFeb 12th

@rosaguac This is one of the episodes we're chatting about that's similar to this but does a sweeping analysis of digital surveillance around the world and how it's being used in the criminal justice system in US:

mmFeb 12th

@rosaguac This is one of the episodes we're chatting about that's similar to this but does a sweeping analysis of digital surveillance around the world and how it's being used in the criminal justice system in US: The story is heartwarming and heartbreaking at t...Show More

alicekoFeb 12th

@mm this is why you-know-who won't allow anybody to upload photos to social media

mmFeb 14th

@aliceko Ahhh I see...

mmFeb 18th

@cody This was the episode @danny and I were mentioning about the end of privacy and the rise of surveillance.

rosaguac recommended:Feb 12th

my 'i want to live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere' fantasy came back full swing for this episode...what is with tech's hard on for invading and violating our privacy for profit? and we all fuckingg know that big surveillance will target the most marginalized. anyways, stop with the disruption a...Show More

pwitham recommended:Feb 12th

If the discoveries in this episode do not scare you then I don't know what will. It's one thing to assume this kind of technology is possible, it's another to have it confirmed.

fiercefab recommended:Feb 13th

We’re looking at the end of anonymity in public as we know it. Let that sink in.

mmFeb 14th

I was just chatting to an American about how in the US, you're already not anonymous. You can just search anyone's name online and get all of their current and future addresses, etc. It's crazy.

flajee recommended:Feb 17th

I first heard about this topic on the I’m Horrified! Podcast. Scary as hell.

mmFeb 17th

@flajee Welcome to the club 🙈🙉 This episode sent (not good) chills down my back when I heard it.

lizwolfie recommended:Aug 13th

I thought this episode was:

💯 A must listen
😲 Shocking
🤔 Thought-provoking
👍 Well-produced
🕵️‍ Well-researched

aliceko recommended:Feb 12th

Scary and very real. Where do we draw the line? Obviously we all want criminals and child predators to be identified and stopped -- but when this falls into the wrong hands - we have no idea what could happen. I just watched this scary CNN follow up vide -- If you have a public account and then you...Show More

olivierFeb 12th

@aliceko I’ve opted to stop sharing photos of myself and my family anywhere on the web. It’s unfortunate because I liked posting updates with family and friends, but now I feel uneasy about the ill ways everything I post may be used.

alicekoFeb 12th

@olivier A very close friend started doing the same thing years ago and will not let anybody post photos of him on social media. Everybody thinks he is neurotic but in this case it's actually quite smart.


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