Fall of the House of Sunshine

Roi Gold Productions

The seralized comedy musical podcast adventure

26:57 | May 17th, 2017

Previously on the Fall of the Sunshine... Fuzzo is going to release the Fuzzatronic Bomb! Dankent and Elsa are on their way to stop him! Brushee... is still a tooth-crunching Periodombie! How will it all shake out? What is to be done?? By YOU? L...Show More
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00:53 | Jul 24th

Help us fund season 3: tinurl.com/makeseason3 See great rewards like t-shirts, stickers, shout outs, cameo roles, sponsorships, original music, and much much more! Every dollar helps! And check out the cute cat video at the top! You can al...Show More

14:42 | Jul 23rd

The Tale of Harrison Elihu Keys Part 2 by Podmusical

26:23 | Jul 15th

Lyman Keys tells a story and we preview our new podcast! Please donate to our kickstarter!!!! tinyurl.com/makeseason3 or through our website www.podmusical.com -- Great Incentives!! Stickers! Scarves! Cameo Roles! Original Songs! Amazing! Support ...Show More
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