History of the 90s


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On History of the 90’s we’ll travel back in time through the stories that defined a decade. The last 10 years of the 20th century was a time like no other, from Columbine to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Seinfeld, Air Jordan, and the Spice Girls …if it happ...Show More

40:55 | Nov 13th, 2019

In October 1993, Saskatchewan farmer, Robert Latimer, pumped exhaust fumes into the cab of a pickup truck ending the life of his severely disabled 12-year-old daughter.  He claimed it was a mercy kill...Show More

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Really interesting and in-depth discussion of a Canadian case that brought the discussion of euthanasia to the forefront.

34:52 | Sep 18th, 2019

On this episode of the History of the 90s, Host Kathy Kenzora looks back at Girl Power, a 90’s phenomenon that introduced a generation of young girls to feminism and empowerment. If you think of th...Show More

cesarm recommended:

Great episode about the role of the Spice Girls on introducing a brand of feminism to an entire generation.

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43:49 | Sep 4th, 2019

On this episode we are digging into the archive of Host Kathy Kenzora’s previous podcast the History of 1995 to bring you the incredible life and death story of the Toronto subway crash.  On August...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

08:30 | Jul 12th, 2018

On July 12, 1995 a dangerous hot air mass settled over the city of Chicago. A heat advisory was issued that warned of an impending record-breaking heatwave. By the time it was over more than 700 peopl...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

33:41 | Apr 18th, 2018

In honor of the 23rd anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, a replay of a previously released episode that looks back at the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.
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