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Podcasts for Agencies by Google Partners. Hear from leading experts in digital marketing and pick up skills as they share insights on Google products, agency life, digital advertising, and business.


38:39 | Jul 12th, 2018

Google’s marketing machine is truly massive, operating across a huge range of fronts at an incredible scale. They not only use but also pioneer analytical tools that enable them to work in groundbreak...Show More

41:12 | Jan 10th, 2019

There’s no business without sales, so it’s no wonder that selling is of continuous interest to agencies and consultancies. It’s hard work, and as much as you learn, there’s always another layer of sub...Show More
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50:10 | Dec 17th, 2018

Recent episodes of our podcast have talked about positioning, seasonality, landing pages, and digital assistants. With the complexity and fast-paced evolution of many topics in marketing, it’s easy to...Show More

32:27 | Nov 28th, 2018

Twenty-five years ago, it was websites. Twelve years ago, it was mobile. Today, it’s voice assistance. By 2022, voice commerce sales are expected to top $45B in the US and UK, and even today 72% of pe...Show More

36:25 | Nov 7th, 2018

Since we’re nearing the holiday season and the annual retail apex of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Google Partners Podcast brings you an early holiday treat. Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing at Shopify ...Show More
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