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ADLANDIA is a bi-weekly podcast focused on the signals in the noise of the advertising/marketing industry. Every other Tuesday, Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon -- two of Madison Ave's most disruptive female voices -- will challenge that "same ol...Show More


33:41 | Dec 22nd, 2018

We’re talking all things content marketing on our last episode of 2018 with Citia Founder & CEO, Linda Holliday.  Linda talks with us about the paradigm shift from advertising to content, the (invisib...Show More
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Toothpaste companies are now sponsoring children podcasts by Gimlet...

26:49 | Dec 1st, 2018

The CUT, Grub Street,  Intelligencer, Vulture, The Strategist and the list goes on - New York Media, one of the few privately owned media companies, has created a network of largely digital brands, al...Show More
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Interesting interview on how NY Mag needs to appeal to larger base than their local base in order to get more ad revenue.

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30:16 | Oct 6th, 2018

Podcasting, we’re still figuring it all out. Nick Quah - founder of podcast newsletter, HotPod - calls in to talk about the current state of the industry. On this episode we're decoupling podcasting f...Show More
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HotPod's Nick Quah's interviews on the podcast industry are always interesting, deep, and fresh. The signal from the noise. cc' @danny @ali...Show More

42:51 | May 16th, 2018

Adlandia talks to THE Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, about her journey from ecomm entrepreneur to media founder as the head of her new venture, Girlboss Media. In a cross-coastal phone call, we learn about...Show More
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Sophia Amoruso's journey to branding, community-building and how she's capitalizing on it.

44:47 | Mar 4th, 2019

We'd rate this one 5 stars: on this episode we're sitting down with the authentic, creative, and hysterical founders of The Infatuation, Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, for a masterclass on entrepre...Show More
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