With Friends Like These

Why (Most) People Don’t Convert

35:50 | May 15th

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Welcome to our first themed season, “With Friends Like These: Converts.” We’ve always been interested in why and how people change their minds about what they believe — mostly because it just doesn’t ...Show More


danny recommended:Aug 22nd

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💡 Educational

michelle_ebooks recommended:Aug 21st

really surprising love this podcast and the interviews ana marie cox conducts with amazing people. this is the start of a THEMED season called converts, all about why and how people come to believe what they believe or change their beliefs. we all change our minds about stuff but BIG changes and con...Show More

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🤔 Thought-provoking

michelle_ebooksAug 21st

“we are not rational animals, we are rationalizing animals”

dannyAug 22nd

@michelle_ebooks oh! Her Christian / evolution example ram very close to home for me. Raised in a very Christian house, when I started learning about evolution, i remember researching Christians who believed in evolution right away. My religious beliefs have 'evolved' since then but at that time I...Show More

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