Own The Promise

Own The Promise

At CliftonLarsonAllen, our Promise is to know you and help you. It’s an incredible privilege and an awesome responsibility that guides every decision we make and every relationship we cultivate. These communications help remind us of our strategic fo...Show More
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Industry Forward: Eric Beenken and Brendan Kurvers

25:50 | Apr 19th

Got an entrepreneurial spark but haven’t yet aligned your passions with your work? That’s when the joyless daily grind can set in — but also some real creative tension and the possibility for exciting career growth and satisfaction. Eric Beenken and ...Show More
Industry Forward: Financial institutions Charlie Cameron and Josh Juergensen

21:27 | Mar 26th

Charlie and Josh have taken two very different career journeys in the FI industry, but they agree passionately on this: an entrepreneurial approach to serving banks and credit unions is what sets CLA apart. Together they lead our FI practice, which n...Show More
Carrying the CLA Promise Forward

02:49 | Mar 6th

CEO Denny Schleper reaches out to our CLA family to recognize everyone during these busy times and give special thanks to those carrying the CLA Promise forward. Music up Man: Welcome to “Own the Promise,” a CLA podcast created to share what g...Show More
Industry Forward: Sam Metcalf’s Passion for M&D

17:36 | Feb 19th

Sam Metcalf, Managing Principal of Industry, has built an impressive career on a lifetime passion for the M&D industry. She explains how market segments are screaming for highly specialized professionals, and she has some profoundly helpful insights ...Show More
Keep Believing in the Promise

11:34 | Feb 6th

Optimism and opportunity are everywhere. A great deal of our success is due to our commitment to the CLA Promise. Listen as Denny shares amazing client feedback as well as his thoughts on why so many people see what we have as something truly special...Show More
Industry Forward – Jeff Vrieze and Cory Rutledge Talk Career Journey

17:47 | Jan 16th

The CLA Promise offers many opportunities to the CLA family. One such opportunity is Deep Industry Specialization but it doesn’t happen overnight. Hear how one CLA veteran became an expert in an industry that wasn’t part of his original plan and why ...Show More
Opportunity Season Starts Today!

11:13 | Jan 3rd

As we begin a new year with new promises, we want to focus on opportunities that will translate directly into your inspired career, opportunities to better serve our clients, and CLA’s new focus on social responsibility. [00:00:02] Narrator:  W...Show More
{"_":"Industry Forward – Nat Bartholomew and Tauer talk Associations – Just Scratching the Surface!","b":["John"]}

15:19 | Dec 20th, 2018

[00:00:05] Langan: Our promise comes alive when we live our culture, when we are entrepreneurs, owners, and leaders. At the center of the CLA promise is our promise to know you and help you, and especially in pursuing the why, to create opportunit...Show More
Introducing Wisconsin One

14:32 | Dec 6th, 2018

Following the recent announcement that Wisconsin-based CPA firm Schenck team members will be joining CLA, Denny Schleper has a short Q&A with Schenck CEO Dan Young. [00:00:02] Narrator: Welcome to “Own the Promise,” a CLA podcast created to share wha...Show More
Industry Forward – Chris Abell

18:20 | Nov 14th, 2018

Chris always liked doing audit and tax work for doctors, but she had a revelation when someone asked her if she understood what a physician does and how one gets paid. This led to a monumental mindset shift: She realized she needed to genuinely know ...Show More
Becoming a Part of CLA Ownership

13:15 | Oct 31st, 2018

Narrator: Welcome to “Own the Promise,” a CLA podcast created to share what guides every decision we make and every relationship we cultivate. [00:00:15] Denny: Good morning, CLA, this is Denny coming to you again this month, actually, from St. Paul,...Show More
Industry Forward – Don Loberg

19:27 | Oct 17th, 2018

[00:00:03] John Langan: When Don was tasked with leading CLA’s Higher Ed practice way back in 1999, we had all of three clients, who quite frankly did not even like the firm. They said we didn’t know their industry, we didn’t know them, and our audit...Show More