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Beau Humphreys

The Personal Finance Show is a place for people to tell their personal finance stories. Everyone has a personal finance story.

1:04:05 | Aug 1st

Darryl Brown wants you to stop complaining about bad financial advice and do something about it. If you walk into a bank, give them money, don’t ask questions and do zero research on investing, then you’ve pretty much given up your right to complain ...Show More

59:52 | Jul 25th

Kelley Keehn wants you to feel good about your money. To feel good about your money, you have to educate yourself, ideally as early as possible. Before you sign up for a credit card, read a ton about credit cards and how they work. Before you buy a h...Show More
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1:10:13 | Jul 18th

Robert Brown wants you to not be afraid of a little hard work. Robert grew up on a dairy farm. His father worked the farm while also working a full-time job at General Motors. Robert learned about working for money early and also about patience and d...Show More

1:04:00 | Jul 11th

Sonya Smith-Valentine wants you to be Financially Fierce. Sonya has an accounting degree and a law degree. She is a CPA and a lawyer, and has worked professionally as both. Sonya has worked for legal aid in New York and Maryland, and later started a ...Show More

1:01:02 | Jul 4th

J. Money wants you to know that Budgets Are Sexy. That’s the title of the personal finance blog that he started 11 years ago, and even though you may never think budgets are sexy, the point that J. is trying to get across is that personal finance doe...Show More
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