Sydney Ideas

Sydney Ideas

Sydney Ideas is the University of Sydney's premier public lecture series program, bringing the world's leading thinkers and the latest research to the wider Sydney community.

59:48 | Nov 10th

Andrew Denton and Dasho Kinley Dorji studied journalism together at Bathurst in NSW in the 1980s and have since made enormous contributions to the media landscapes in Australia and Dorji's home country of Bhutan. Hear the two old classmates discuss...Show More

1:17:55 | Nov 6th

The world has gotten used to hearing 'America First', but is it ready for 'Asia First'? Leading global strategy adviser and international bestselling author Dr Parag Khanna makes a case for why we need to start looking at the world, and future, from ...Show More
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43:03 | Oct 29th

Labour expert Professor Shae McCrystal, and Walkley Award-winning journalists Pamela Williams and Quentin Dempster, reflect on the shifting and precarious nature of work in Australia, since the watershed waterfront dispute in 1998. This conversation...Show More

50:36 | Oct 22nd

Why are the arts critical to public health? How can we embed creative practice into healthcare to improve outcomes for all? Hear internationally renowned artists and researchers share their insights and case studies of exemplary practice: - Vic McE...Show More

56:07 | Oct 17th

What musical traditions do copyright laws protect and threaten? Do all musical cultures hold equal status in the eyes of the law? Over the last decade a spate of legal action related to unauthorised musical borrowing has made international headlines...Show More
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