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Go behind the headlines: From the economy and healthcare to politics and the environment – and so much more – On Point talks with newsmakers and real people about the issues that matter most. On Point is produced by WBUR for NPR.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

48:52 | Jul 3rd, 2018

ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas joins us for a frank conversation about her battle with alcoholism.
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

46:46 | Aug 11th, 2017

A man books six dates in one night. The women find out. What's going on with modern dating?
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46:57 | Dec 6th

Richard Jewell was front page news after suspicion he had planted a bomb at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. A new book and movie unpack his ordeal and innocence. Kevin Salwen and Kent Alexander join David Folkenflik.

46:36 | Dec 6th

The impeachment spotlight shifts to the Judiciary Committee. Trump at a strained NATO summit. Kamala Harris drops out of the presidential race. The roundtable weighs in on the week that was. Seung Min Kim, Jack Beatty and Vivian Salama join David Fol...Show More

45:34 | Dec 5th

Life, loss, and laughter. Jane Clayson talks with comedian Jenny Slate on finding her voice through tough times.

46:52 | Dec 5th

The latest on the impeachment inquiry, with the House Judiciary Committee holding its first hearing as part of the process. Mike DeBonis joins. Plus, a Trump administration proposal could cause millions of low-income people to lose access to food sta...Show More

47:00 | Dec 4th

Mary Pipher, a 71-year-old psychologist, has a message for women of her generation: "Happiness is a choice and a set of skills." She lays out the road map with host Jane Clayson.

46:44 | Dec 4th

A misreading of scripture is at the root of many of today’s controversies worldwide, says renowned religious scholar Karen Armstrong. She makes the case to Jane Clayson.

46:29 | Dec 3rd

Men and anxiety. New studies show that men don’t experience or express anxiety in the same way as women. That could be affecting men’s access to treatment. Michael Addis, Stefan Hofmann and Mark Farley join Meghna Chakrabarti.

45:41 | Dec 3rd

The Supreme Court heard a case challenging New York state gun laws. It's the first time the court has heard a gun control case in a decade. We hear what happened. David Savage and Joseph Blocher join Meghna Chakrabarti.

46:40 | Dec 2nd

Columnist and author Meghan Daum takes on political correctness in the new book, "The Problem with Everything." She joins Meghna Chakrabarti.

46:32 | Dec 2nd

As the impeachment trial looms, we talk with Republicans about the risk and rewards of standing with Trump. Lisa Desjardins, Seth Weathers and Kim Alfano join Meghna Chakrabarti.

46:48 | Nov 29th

"To Kill a Mockingbird" took Broadway by storm. Tony-nominee Jeff Daniels joined David Folkenflik.

46:46 | Nov 29th

White House budget officials resigned in part over Ukraine aid concerns. Bloomberg enters the 2020 fray. Navy Secretary is pushed out. Janet Hook, Kimberly Atkins and Jack Beatty join David Folkenflik for the news roundtable.

47:35 | Nov 28th

Music and the human brain. A neuroscientist and opera singer guides us through the science of how and why music moves us. Indre Viskontas joins Meghna Chakrabarti.

47:08 | Nov 28th

Iconic journalist Dan Rather reflects on American character and patriotism in this time of polarization. He joins Meghna Chakrabarti.

46:22 | Nov 27th

Are social networks driving us into partisan factions at the expense of the common good? We look at social media and democracy. Jonathan Haidt and Sherry Turkle join Anthony Brooks.

46:05 | Nov 27th

"Hello — and you're wrong." Family politics at Thanksgiving. We talk about red and blue sitting down together, and ask how that conversation goes. Lizzie Post, Dana Milbank and Lynn Parsley join Anthony Brooks.

45:44 | Nov 26th

Thanksgiving dinner that’s as easy as pie. Sam Sifton and Melissa Clark of The New York Times share recipes to make a great Thanksgiving feast.

46:40 | Nov 26th

With just 10 weeks before the Iowa caucuses, we take stock of the 2020 Democrats. Deval Patrick, James Pindell and Lisa Lerer join Anthony Brooks.

46:43 | Nov 25th

It's official: Michael Bloomberg is running for president. Politico's Elena Schneider breaks it down. Plus, the secretary of the Navy is ousted over his handling of the war crimes case of a SEAL. We unpack the case and controversy. Jeff Schogol, Timo...Show More

46:53 | Nov 25th

A major investigation in Long Island, New York, finds African American homebuyers are shown fewer listings and steered away from white neighborhoods. Keith Herbert, Johnnie Mae Alston, Leslie Hammond and Claudia Aranda join Sacha Pfeiffer.

46:45 | Nov 22nd

Streaming wars. Disney+, Apple TV and all of the others are fighting for the crown, for your eyes — and your wallet. Sara Fischer and Howard Owens join David Folkenflik.

46:31 | Nov 22nd

In sworn testimony, an ambassador points at Trump on the Ukraine quid pro quo and says, "We followed the president’s orders." And the 2020 Democrats debate. Karoun Demirjian, Major Garrett and Jack Beatty join David Folkenflik.

47:16 | Nov 20th

Snails are running out of time in Hawaii. Without intervention, 100 species will disappear in the next decade. David Sischo and Elizabeth Kolbert join Meghna Chakrabarti.

47:20 | Nov 20th

Venice is reeling from historic floods. And the systems designed to prevent this kind of damage aren’t completed, and may not work anyway. Sylvia Poggioli, Toto Bergamo Rossi and Rafael Bras join Meghna Chakrabarti.

47:36 | Nov 19th

Leslie Odom Jr. played Aaron Burr in "Hamilton." Now’s he’s singing his own tunes on a new album of original songs. He joins Meghna Chakrabarti.

47:30 | Nov 19th

A national report card finds reading proficiency for American fourth-grade and eighth-grade students is declining. We go behind the numbers to understand why. Liana Loewus, Emily Hanford, Kelly Butler and Nell Duke join Meghna Chakrabarti.

46:48 | Nov 18th

We discuss what to expect from the next officials set to testify in the House impeachment inquiry with Susan Page. Plus, a narrowed down Democratic presidential field of candidates will take the debate stage this week, but still new candidates are ju...Show More

46:38 | Nov 18th

SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson says U.S. corporations aren’t helping build the economy. They’re using tax cuts to buy back their own stocks. Jackson joins Meghna Chakrabarti.