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Dave Schneider, DP Williams

"Giving you a working class, 99% perspective 100% of the time"

0:00 | Mar 25th

Hot off the presses, we talk about the Mueller report and how the Russiagate conspiracy theories have always been a waste of time that working people don’t care about. We riff on the bankruptcy of the corporate Democrat leadership and consider what i...Show More

0:00 | Mar 13th

We’re back for 2019 covering key lessons from the UPS-Teamsters contract battle, the continued wave of teachers strikes, how to organize your coworkers and build union power on the shop floor, and the direction of the U.S. labor movement. We recorded...Show More
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0:00 | May 2nd, 2018

We’re joined by Jim Byrne, a public school teacher in Tucson, Arizona and a leader in the state’s ongoing teachers strike. We talk about the #RedForEd movement, how the Arizona teachers organized for this historic strike, the attitude of union leader...Show More

0:00 | Apr 26th, 2018

New York labor lawyer Benjamin Dictor joins us for a hard-hitting interview on labor law in the U.S. and the recent victory earlier this year by LA Times reporters and staff, who won their union campaign after 136 years. Ben serves as legal counsel f...Show More

0:00 | Apr 18th, 2018

At the Labor Notes Convention in Chicago, IL, we sat down with some of our Teamster brothers from Local 89 out of Louisville, Kentucky, home of Teamsters United leader Fred Zuckerman. Joining us for the hour are Jay Dennis (Political Organizer & Busi...Show More

0:00 | Apr 11th, 2018

At the 2018 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, IL, we interview Sarah Chambers from the Chicago Teachers Union and Edwin Morales, Vice President of the Puerto Rico Teachers Federation, about the wave of teachers strikes in the U.S. Edwin talks about ...Show More

0:00 | Mar 29th, 2018

Arizona’s on our mind as we talk about the self-driving Uber car that killed a woman last week and the Phoenix teachers walk-out at nine elementary schools. We do a deep dive on Trump’s tariffs and anti-China trade measures, explaining why this actua...Show More

0:00 | Mar 21st, 2018

Strike fever continues as the squad talks about the Jersey City Teachers strike last week, billionaires, and Florida public sector unions fighting against decertification. We’re joined by AFSCME Council 79 union representative and Jacksonville Commun...Show More

0:00 | Mar 13th, 2018

We’re back for Season 2 to talk about the strike fever that’s sweeping the nation’s teachers – from West Virginia to Oklahoma. We talk about Teamsters United’s recent steward victories in Jacksonville, FL, and International Working Women’s Day. We ta...Show More

0:00 | Nov 5th, 2017

Dave & DP return for part 2 of their coverage at the TDU Convention. They interview union fighters across the country about the struggles facing Teamster women, the fight for $15/hour, building solidarity between Black and white workers, and the soul...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

0:00 | Oct 31st, 2017

Dave & Dustin interview Fred Zuckerman, president of Teamsters Local 89 and last year’s Teamsters United candidate for General President, on the Worker Power Hour. We talk everything Teamsters – the UPS contract fight, the pension crisis, organizing ...Show More
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

0:00 | Oct 24th, 2017

The squad goes in on Trump’s horrifying tax plan and does a spooky Halloween movie countdown. Next week is our special episode at the Teamsters for a Democratic Union Convention in Chicago. Download here.