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The History of Poland Podcast

Trevor Gilbert

For many episodes to come, we'll be exploring the rich history of Poland. From it's humble beginnings, we'll follow the people of Poland as they form their own unique cultural identity, rise into a great European power, cross paths with the Mongol Ho...Show More

18:21 | Aug 13th

Władysław the Elbow-High becomes King Władysław the Elbow-High, but that doesn’t mean his life is going to be all roses and fun times. No, he has quite a lot on his plate - but will he be able to successfully balance it all? We also explore the Sword...Show More

18:47 | Jul 13th

Vaclav II and Vaclav III deal with the force that is Władysław, Heir to the Kingdom of Poland. They also deal with the fact that no matter how many Vaclav’s there are, there’ll never be enough. Support the show(s) on Patreon: patreon.com/historyof...Show More
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15:46 | Jul 2nd

The Piast family finally realizes that they’ve been making a terrible mistake in fighting against one another. So, they take it upon themselves to name a new king: Przemysł II. It goes about as well as you’d expect. Support the show(s) on Patreon:...Show More

18:49 | Jun 18th

Leszek the Black tries his hand at ruling Poland, but will he succeed! He will not! Or, he will, but it’s not the most idyllic time in Poland. Support the show(s) on Patreon: patreon.com/historyofpolandpodcast To subscribe to my new history pod...Show More

22:13 | Jun 8th

The Fragmentation of Poland is not being kind to the people of Poland. In this episode, we’re going to cover a great deal of time, but there’s a point to it all. To subscribe to my new history podcast, World’s End: The Great War, visit https://pod...Show More
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