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Mysterious Circumstances

Justin Rimmel

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***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** A detailed and well researched investigative podcast that dives deep into the unsolved. -True Crime- -Mysteries- -Conspiracies- -Paranormal - -The Occult- With an unpolished and raw “pirate radio” style sound. ...Show More


48:01 | Jun 4th

The body of Faith Hedgepeth was found in her apartment by a friend on the morning of September 7, 2012. She had been beaten over the head with a blunt instrument and evidence of male DNA was present a...Show More

45:42 | May 19th

Rebekah’s case has been handled by the Arkansas State Police (ASP) almost from day one. Even though she was killed more than 15 years ago, the ASP refuses to make public any of the investigative recor...Show More
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54:49 | May 14th

Forty-six years ago in a small farming town, a family was terrorized for months inside their own home. In 1974-75, strange voices, noises, explosions and fires baffled police as they investigated thei...Show More

33:37 | May 4th

Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil was one of the best known American con men of his era. Weil was known to possess an "uncanny knowledge of human nature". During the course of his career, Weil is reputed to ha...Show More

2:05:53 | Apr 28th

Well I got Deputy X on for another AMA. In this episode we talk about the paranormal, funniest stories, favorites cases, and everything in between.
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