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True Crime

The Sisters Grimm Podcast

Holly & Morgan Freeburg

The Sisters Grimm Podcast is hosted by real life sisters Holly and Morgan Freeburg. Tune in weekly to hear about things like true crime, horror movies, paranormal activity, conspiracy theories, urban legends, upcoming movies, serial killers, ghosts, ...Show More

1:11:28 | May 30th

This week the Sisters Grimm talk about killers from New Jersey including the killer Nurse Charles Cullen, Kathleen Hagen, John List, Latonia Bellamy, Elmer Edward Solly, and Nadiyah Venable. website: TheSistersGrimmPodcast.comtwitter: @sistersgrimmpo...Show More

54:03 | May 19th

In this episode the sisters grimm delve into the world vampirism. Everything from the history, books, tv, movies, and topped off with some vampire true crime.   website: TheSistersGrimmPodcast.comtwitter: @sistersgrimmpod, @morganafreeburg, @hollyche...Show More
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53:07 | May 12th

This week the sisters discuss some conspiracy theories. Maybe you've heard of some of them, maybe you haven't. Conspiracy theories covered include The Mandela Effect, StrayedAway, Chemtrails, MKUltra, dolphins low-key taking over the world, Obama's a...Show More

28:28 | May 5th

SPOILER ALERT!!! Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile began streaming on Netflix and Holly and Morgan HAD to make an episode to commemorate this. Did they love it or did they find it ABSOLUTELY VILE? Listen to find out in this grimmi-sode!

26:46 | Mar 14th

Is this even an episode? Who knows. Y'all haven't heard from The Sisters Grimm in a while so we decided to put out a minisode where we talk about upcoming horror movies, tell one sentence scary stories, play a horror version of would you rather, and ...Show More
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