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Funny to Informing

John Hannan


This is "Funny to Informing" and I'm John your host. I try my best to provide a comedic/educational view on current events and trending things.


1:51:34 | May 28th

John and Coleman do an extra long show! While recording at the bar (Graffiti Junktion), the guys discuss countless topics such as the new Netflix show “SpaceForce”, The News Junkie first Live event si...Show More

1:31:12 | May 20th

John and Coleman have so much to discuss! The guys talk about another trending documentary, John plays “Beer Ball” after going to his brother’s birthday party, Coleman has been falling in love with ma...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

1:02:54 | May 11th

John and Coleman focus on fishing! They podcast from a dock on a lake and try magnet fishing for some metal! Also, “Tuddle’s Ten” this week focuses on the topic of fishing, and it’s another roller coa...Show More

1:09:38 | May 3rd

John and Coleman have a week of firsts! John had a crazy week shooting a shotgun for the first time, but also getting black out drunk for the first real time. In addition, for the first time, the guys...Show More

1:04:22 | Apr 22nd

John and Coleman hope you had a good holiday! For 4/20, the guys smoke two blunts of different flavors and do the show baked. They talk about some facts relating to cannabis, the scare tactics associa...Show More
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