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In Defense of Plants

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Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Join my friends and I for a podcast celebrating everything botany.

51:15 | Feb 24th

The Devonian Period was for plants what the Cambrian Period was for animals. Land plants really started to experiment with new forms of growth some 380 million years ago which led to the establishment...Show More

45:06 | Feb 16th

A zoo getting involved in plant conservation? Sounds pretty radical but that is exactly what the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is doing. These efforts are born out of the fact that you can't conserve a...Show More
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39:58 | Feb 9th

The movement of species around the globe is akin to opening Pandora's Box. Once an invasive species becomes established, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to get it under control. Every once...Show More

52:42 | Feb 2nd

With his first book, "Bringing Nature Home," Dr. Doug Tallamy managed to distill decades worth of ecological science into a compelling story of the environmental benefits of native plants. Now he is b...Show More

51:49 | Jan 26th

Wetlands have a disproportionate effect on a global scale. Whether you are concerned with habitat, wildlife, or human health, the world needs healthy, functioning wetland communities. Unfortunately, h...Show More
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