It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

Interview: Karamo Brown On 'Queer Eye' & 'Embracing Purpose'

51:29 | Apr 2nd, 2019

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Sam talks to the Fab Fiver about how he learned to heal himself before he could help others....Show More


emmakchiu recommended:Oct 29th

I thought this episode was:

😊 Delightful
😂 Funny
💬 A great conversation
🤓 Insightful

podplace recommended:Apr 4th, 2019

karamo is so uplifting and this really just shows how undervalued he was in the first seasons of queer eye

fiercefab recommended:May 12th

“If they’re hysterical, it’s historical.” “Why is taking care of me affecting you?” “I name the emotion out loud and say: not today, Satan!” Karamo is a genius of boundaried compassion. His ability to hold space for deeply flawed people and see the ways in which they are still likeable, even likeab...Show More

fiercefabMay 12th

*likeable, even lovable 💕


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