Malicious Life

Malicious Life

Tales of cybersecurity. The wildest hacks you can ever imagine, told by people who were actually there. Hosted by cybersecurity expert and book author, Ran Levi, this is not your average talk-show. These are fascinating, unknown tales, slowly unravel...Show More

34:05 | Sep 12th, 2019

In January 2010, Google revealed in its blog that it was hacked. This attack, since known as Operation Aurora, is attributed to China. In this series of episodes, we'll expose the complicated and ofte...Show More

cesarm recommended:

This series is very informative on the complicated relationship of Google and the Chinese government.

49:51 | Feb 6th, 2019

In its prime, Mt. Gox was essentially the place where Bitcoin happened. But for two years, Mt. Gox was imploding from the inside - while soaring to unprecedented success on the outside.
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33:34 | Nov 15th, 2017

Guerrilla warfare has been around for as long as conventional warfare has. The idea that a small force, through cunning and brazen action, could overtake a larger force is an old one. From pirates who...Show More

29:41 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Stuxnet was a devastating weapon, but who wielded it? That is the question we try to answer with the final installment of our Stuxnet series. In this episode, we explore other, similar battles of the ...Show More

26:57 | Sep 18th, 2017

Stuxnet was a weapon, a kind of a smart bomb- perhaps one of the smartest bombs ever created. A bomb that couldn’t rely on operators, cameras, and laser targeting, instead it had to “think” its way to...Show More
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