Regretsville with Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles

Tracy Soren & Jessie Jolles have regrets: hilarious, upsetting, sad, shocking, scary, stupid regrets. And now, in the interest of healing, Tracy and Jessie are ready to spill the beans. Alongside their regret-filled friends, the duo laughs, cries, ye...Show More


58:45 | Jan 24th, 2018

Jessica Fuchs regrets opening up a cage full of puppies. Intrigued?

56:55 | Jan 17th, 2018

Defending Your Life! Not only the name of this week’s episode, but also a 1991 film featuring Meryl Streep & Albert Brooks that Jessie INSISTS everybody watch. Including this week’s guest, writer and ...Show More
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55:17 | Jan 9th, 2018

Soren and Jolles are joined by Dan Lee, host of Asian AF at UCB, for the first ever MEDICAL episode of Regretsville! Jessie reveals the news that she bought a new television with…wait for it…HGTV! Her...Show More

58:47 | Jan 3rd, 2018

Soren and Jolles talk to stand-up, actress, and performer at UCB’s Characters Welcome, Alli Brown. Jessie starts with a recent home-styling regret and Tracy follows with a dermatological quandary and ...Show More

1:00:09 | Dec 20th, 2017

It’s a beautiful, tears & laughs kind of episode! Comedian Rasheda Crocket joins Soren and Jolles to talk about her biggest regret: not seeing her best friend in the hospital before he passed away fro...Show More
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