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Why I Quit Writing (with Yasmin Nair)

1:11:48 | Oct 7th, 2019

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Jessa speaks with cultural critic, academic, and leftist thinker Yasmin Nair about the exploitative, dumbed down, and click-baity hot take culture in which we all consume. They discuss trying to write...Show More


mm recommended:Oct 20th, 2019

This was the episode I didn't know I was waiting for. Such a fun and #realtalk conversation about opinion writing -- on dumb hot takes, the economy of ideas, exploitative nature of media towards opinion writers and young writers, and the left's struggle with money.

mmOct 24th, 2019

@michelle_ebooks This episode about hot takes writing on the left is for you.

mmFeb 15th, 2020

@danecardiel This is the podcast I was telling you about.

danecardielFeb 15th, 2020

@mm thank you!! Excited to listen.

danecardielFeb 15th, 2020

@mm I’m a big fan of Yasmin’s work.

mmFeb 15th, 2020

@danecardiel Can’t wait to hear what you think of this. Was so good.

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