Station to Station

Ep. 1 - Standard Operating Procedure

27:38 | Aug 22nd, 2017

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A missing lab partner, a tape recorder and a ship at sea. The SS Astrid departs. Starring: Emily Wang and Jo Chiang as Miranda Quan Zach Libresco as Sebastian Fredricksen Hunter Grin as Jonatha...Show More


gasstationb recommended:Apr 1st, 2018

For fans of Ars Paradoxical, fantastic β€œfound tape” style sci-fi drama that alternates between the present day story and the recordings left behind for our narrator.

gasstationbFeb 23rd, 2019

*ars Paradoxica is actually the name of the podcast, not paradoxicalβ€” sorry, I keep getting autocorrected. Seriously though, check that one out.

jhawthorne recommended:Mar 21st

Show I came back to after a hiatus, a good use of 'recorder' format in drama form.

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