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Lee W. Mowen


A broadcaster from Southwestern Ohio shares the world of Dayton and Cincinnati sports to you, the listener!

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Episode 58: "The Guide to Catching Football - 2018 Edition"

53:48 | Aug 20th, 2018

It's officially High School Football season in Ohio! Lee gives you options to catch your teams on many different stations and platforms, plus a couple of worthy follows on social media.

Titles at Wright State and Local OHSAA Playoffs

1:00:27 | Mar 5th

On Episode 87, find out what titles were picked up by the Wright State Raiders, who shined at the Post Ohio District Tournament and who's representing Cin-Day in the 2019 Senior All-Star Game, who's still in the local Basketball playoffs, the first s...Show More

The Winter 2019 Shuffle

44:21 | Feb 27th

On this edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast, who won championships in the 2019 Buckeye Year End Tournament? Which school is leading their conference in both Men's and Women's Basketball? The OHSAA Ice Hockey playoffs continue, there's a new hoc...Show More

Preparing for the 2019 Buckeye Year End Tournament

24:50 | Feb 22nd

For a change of pace on the #LocalCinDaySports podcast, Lee covers his next broadcast (his next 26 in fact), as the 2019 Buckeye Year End Tournament starts Friday at South Metro Sportsplex! This podcast is sponsored by Anchor

"Lumbering Back to Action"

1:09:41 | Feb 20th

Another break means another comeback for the Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast! In this edition: How did NKU Week go at Wright State? High School Hockey is skating hard to the finish line, College Baseball has begun, a few signings in Cincinnati, ...Show More

The Unveiling of the 2019 OHSAA Ice Hockey Columbus Bracket

34:45 | Feb 7th

On this special edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast, Lee dives in to the 2019 Columbus District bracket for Ice Hockey, previewing all the teams and matches available in Central Ohio. Plus, Lee gives you an update on the area's ECHL team, the C...Show More

"The 2019 Warm Weather Transition"

59:24 | Feb 5th

A big heap of #LocalCinDaySports! From College Basketball, to upcoming soccer (FC Cincinnati, Dayton and Cincinnati Dutch Lions), baseball (Reds, Dragons, and college), Gem City Roller Girls, and high school hockey tournaments, it's covered as we enj...Show More

"A Big MLK Weekend - The Recap"

43:58 | Jan 29th

What happened during the 2019 MLK weekend? Some big basketball tourneys and a hockey showcase, and possibly a second conference splitting? The #LocalCinDaySports podcast has it covered!

Tony Peters Interview

38:46 | Jan 24th

Tony Peters, writer at and local Daytonian, joins Lee on the #LocalCinDaySports podcast to talk about the basketball season and what to expect for the postseason!

Jaime Antelo Interview

57:50 | Jan 16th

Jaime Antelo, the Head Coach of the Northern Kentucky Norse Varsity Hockey team, joins Lee on Episode 79 to talk the good word about Norse Hockey, local sports, and the upcoming MLK Tournament in Centerville! Also, an addendum as Marty Brennaman has ...Show More

"A Friday Update in January 2019"

29:50 | Jan 11th

Lee is back with another edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast, talking about the possible new Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Wright State vs. Northern Kentucky week, the first game for the upcoming Backyard Blitz, the Dayton Flyers' week,...Show More

"New Year, New Resolutions"

54:38 | Jan 8th

It’s 2019! Time to make New Year’s Resolutions! Lee makes six for the  #LocalCinDaySports scene and six for himself as the 2019 year rolls in.  This podcast is now part of the Pulse Podcast Network!  

Episode 76: "From 2018 to 2019"

1:02:48 | Dec 31st, 2018

Closing out 2018 in style is easy on the #LocalCinDaySports podcast! Covered this week: The 2018 GMVWA Holiday Tournament, the 2018 Miami Valley Freeze Tournament, the last game of the regular season for the Cincinnati Bengals, and much more in Episo...Show More

"The 75th Episode"

1:09:50 | Dec 17th, 2018

Happy 75 episodes of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast! In this edition, Lee covers the Bengals being knocked out of the playoff race, the LOCAL College Basketball teams, High School Hockey and a local Wrestling tourney, the latest in the Trotwood-Madis...Show More

Episode 74: "Back From The Flu"

20:04 | Dec 11th, 2018

A quick recap of local sports gets the #LocalCinDaySports podcast back on track! Lee recaps the State Finals for Football, two Daytonians representing the United States, and a few more quick updates after a week of recovering from the flu. https:...Show More

Episode 73: "State of the Rink"

45:20 | Nov 29th, 2018

Who's playing for State? What sport is the toughest to play in the area according to the host? Who reached 1,000 broadcasts? That and some more on the #LocalCinDaySports podcast!

Episode 72: "Thanksgiving 2018"

29:24 | Nov 20th, 2018

It's Thanksgiving Week, and Lee wants to share what he's thankful for! Also, don't forget to load up on Week 13 scores and what football games await this weekend. Gobble Gobble!

Episode 71: "The Late Week "Special" Episode"

49:10 | Nov 16th, 2018

Life finds a way to delay this episode, but Lee is here with Week 12 Football scores, State Title victories, news in the #LocalCinDaySports scene, and "Sod Poodles" for some reason.

Episode 70: "The 2018-19 College Basketball Tip-Off"

1:36:47 | Nov 7th, 2018

Every college in the Cincinnati and Dayton area has hoops! In this special edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast, Lee covers ALL the schools and tells you a little bit about each one. No travelling required here!

Episode 69: "Final Falls and Fours"

45:18 | Nov 5th, 2018

It's the Opening Week of Football Playoffs in Ohio, Sectional Champions are being crowned for Indiana High School Football, there's chances to win State Titles in Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, and Volleyball, and one big trophy for College Soccer awaits...Show More

Episode 68: "The Miami Bend Project"

1:06:25 | Oct 29th, 2018

West Carrollton is bringing the wrecking ball to the party (a.k.a. the abandoned Carrollton Plaza), but that's not the only project happening in the city. Lee gives you the updates on TWO projects in West Carrollton, plus Week Ten scores and playoff ...Show More

Episode 67: "Ringing in the Autumn"

51:27 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Local football scores, District Semi-Final brackets for Soccer and Volleyball, #SaveTheCrew, FC Cincinnati, and ringing in the 63rd manager of the Reds. Sounds like another week of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast with Lee W. Mowen.

Episode 66: "ScoreStream Review"

40:01 | Oct 16th, 2018

Lee reviews ScoreStream (which has been a big help for football scores this season) and gives you the 2019 Flyin' to the Hoop schedule, along with football scores from the area.

Episode 65: "A Homecoming of Sorts"

49:33 | Oct 8th, 2018

You can go Home(coming) again! Lee gives you local scores and his experience of the 2018 Wright State Homecoming.

Episode 64: "Aah! Real Updates!"

1:04:45 | Oct 1st, 2018

It's October! Instead of being scared (you know, Halloween), get informed with what's happening in the #LocalCinDaySports scene with Lee providing the updates!

Episode 63: "If You Give a Dragon a Voice"

52:53 | Sep 24th, 2018

Tom Nichols, the Voice and Media Relations Director of the Dayton Dragons, sits down with Lee to talk about his broadcasting career and the 2018 season at Fifth Third Field. The interview begins at 19:50.

Episode 62: "B The Man, The Announcer"

1:29:48 | Sep 17th, 2018

John Beaulieu, known to most as the B-Man, of WTUE and Dayton Hockey fame joins Lee on Episode 62 of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast! Also, get the local scores from the week's high school, college, and professional football teams! The interview be...Show More

Episode 61: "Down On The (Reds) Farm"

1:27:25 | Sep 10th, 2018

Doug Gray, Jr. of guests on the latest edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast to talk favorite prospects, what it's like covering a farm system from Rookie to AAA, and more (interview begins at 18:25.) Plus, Lee runs down all ...Show More

Episode 60: "The Human Element of Banned From Baseball"

1:12:33 | Sep 4th, 2018

Director Margarett Perry and Actor Brian Dykstra of "Banned From Baseball" talk about the production of the play detailing Pete Rose's ban from the sport. Interview starts at 10:55 of the episode.

Episode 59: "Just WINGin' It!"

1:15:20 | Aug 27th, 2018

In the ESPN 1410 AM studios, Justin Kinner and Mark Schlemmer talk about their show and station on the 59th edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast! Also in this weekly edition, Lee gives you the Week One High School Football scores from the Cincin...Show More

Episode 57: "Cheer For Your Sport (In The OHSAA)"

30:25 | Aug 15th, 2018

Cheerleading is nothing new in the world of sports, but could it be a sanctioned sport in Ohio? Lee talks about the possibilities on this edition of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast.

Episode 56: "The Electronic Pulse of Sports"

42:06 | Aug 13th, 2018

eSports (the e stands for electronic) are pretty big in the world, but will they make it to the #LocalCinDaySports scene? After talking about eSports, Lee then gives you updates on local sports in the newest edition of the podcast!

Episode 55: "Turn to 2"

1:18:16 | Aug 8th, 2018

Jack Pohl and Neil Konerman of WDTN Channel 2 and Dayton's CW sit down with Lee to talk about the station, their careers, and #LocalCinDaySports!

Episode 54: "The Sun Sets on Summer (Sports)"

43:39 | Jul 30th, 2018

As the Summer 2018 comes to a close, Lee gives you updates on playoff chases and finishes in the #LocalCinDaySports area.

Episode 53: "Your Pal in Richmond"

56:33 | Jul 24th, 2018

Jesus Jimenez, Sports Writer for the Palladium Item newspaper in Richmond, Indiana, joins Lee for Episode 53 to talk Eastern Indiana sports and writing for the newspaper.

Episode 52: "The One Year Anniversary Show"

1:46:59 | Jul 22nd, 2018

It's the One Year Anniversary show! Lee brings the highlights of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast.

Episode 51: "Millennial Mayhem Madness!"

36:07 | Jul 18th, 2018

A new marketing event has the social media world stirred up and Lee hopes it doesn’t make it to the #LocalCinDaySports market. Get all of your avocado toast and selfie jokes out of the way, because here comes “Millennial Night!” Also, find out how th...Show More

Episode 50: "Summer Delights and Celebrations"

49:03 | Jul 18th, 2018

The Big 50th Episode celebrates with all the #LocalCinDaySports updates you can handle, plus a new opening and closing theme!

Episode 49: "Battle of the Sexes"

30:39 | Jul 18th, 2018

A suggestion for an episode forces Lee to jump on the “podcasting soapbox” to talk about men and women in sports.

Episode 48: "Loyalty of the Highest Regard"

44:53 | Jul 18th, 2018

What is loyalty in sports? Lee talks about it as there’s some big moves afloat throughout the sports world.

Episode 47: "Always Bet The Gem"

43:22 | Jul 18th, 2018

Sports gambling is now legal, but how will that affect the #LocalCinDaySports scene? Lee talks about it and updates you on local sports in one roll of the dice.

Episode 46: "Voice From The North"

1:12:45 | Jul 18th, 2018

Michael Hirn, a prominent broadcaster from the Northwest portion of Ohio, joins Lee to talk about broadcasting, the sports scene around Lima, Northern Ohio, and #LocalCinDaySports.

Episode 45: "Career Day...or Week"

31:00 | Jul 18th, 2018

Lee talks about his career and his future plans in Episode 45 of the #LocalCinDaySports podcast.

Episode 44: "Just Heating Up Summer"

49:41 | Jul 18th, 2018

Summer sports are on full blast, and Lee keeps you cool with updates of Cincinnati and Dayton sports.

Episode 43: "The Birthday Episode"

50:25 | Jul 18th, 2018

Lee turns 30 on the episode, but he’ll give you the gift of #LocalCinDaySports in Episode 43.

Episode 42: "Go West, Young Champ"

1:09:48 | Jul 18th, 2018

Two teams in their respective big dances for baseball go west for the show, and Lee keeps you on the trail of #LocalCinDaySports with baseball and soccer news, and maybe an Oregon Trail reference or ten.

Episode 41: "One Tourney To Rule The Diamond”

51:52 | Jul 18th, 2018

College and High School Baseball Playoffs are happening in the Cin-Day area, and Lee has the coverage to rule the diamond(s). Baseball.

Episode 40: "Misery Loves Droughts"

51:10 | Jul 18th, 2018

They say one must go through a drought to win a championship. In this edition, Lee talks about an article pointing out Cincinnati’s lack of champions and gives his reasons why things aren’t so bad in the Cin-Day area.

Episode 39: "History Hits The Local Ice"

2:00:13 | Jul 18th, 2018

The author of “Hockey in Dayton”, Chuck Gabringer, sits down with Lee to talk about the book and the local sports scene.

Episode 38: “Building The Future”

1:43:04 | Apr 30th, 2018

A new sports complex, a cool event at Dayton's biggest Baseball Stadium,  playoffs upcoming for High School Baseball and Softball, and a recap on Bengals draft picks! It's all here on Episode 38!

Episode 37: “Spring Ahead Two Weeks”

59:18 | Apr 25th, 2018

After two weeks, Lee returns to talk about local sports happening in the spring. You know what they say, April Sports bring interesting episodes!

Episode 36: “Get Off My Logo!”

55:19 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Logos and names? In my sports? It's common (probably more common than you think) and Lee talks about some of them around the Cin-Day area and some of his favorites.

Episode 35: “Backing Up the Squadron”

2:07:54 | Mar 26th, 2018

Ed, Tyler, and Brad of The Gem City Squadron, the Supporter Group of the Dayton Dynamo, join Lee at the Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton to talk about local soccer and sports on Episode 35!

Episode 34: “The Madness of the Month”

48:43 | Mar 20th, 2018

This is the time of year where Madness strikes the Cincinnati-Dayton area. The only cure? A full dosage of the podcast talking Cin-Day Sports!

Episode 33: “Closings and Openings”

33:33 | Mar 6th, 2018

One season ends, another one begins (and one finishes up, too.) Lee covers his weekend from Lexington, Kentucky, the upcoming College Baseball Home Openers, College Basketball updates, and some more in Episode 33!

Episode 32: “Welcome Back, Schlemmer”

55:36 | Feb 27th, 2018

Mark Schlemmer returns to the podcast to spread the great news of his returning to local radio on 1410 ESPN Radio in Dayton, Ohio!

Episode 31: “The Tournament to End All Seasons”

36:59 | Feb 20th, 2018

Nick Poe from South Metro Sportsplex returns with Lee to discuss the 2018 Buckeye Year End Tournament, the 2017-18 Centerville Elks Hockey season, local high school hockey playoffs, the Dayton Falcons, and more hockey on Episode 31!

Episode 30: “Thawing into Brackets and Springtime”

1:20:36 | Feb 13th, 2018

Lee returns with an update of Boys Basketball and Ice Hockey Brackets, the drama of the GWOC, and other tidbits happening in the Cin-Day area!

Episode 29: “You’re In Tiger Country”

51:15 | Feb 8th, 2018

Scott Ward, the General Manager of WTGR 97.5 in Greenville, sits down with Lee to talk local Darke County sports.

Episode 28: “Brackets of Buckets and Pucks”

1:00:11 | Feb 5th, 2018

Two regular seasons close out for the 2017-2018 seasons. In Ice Hockey, Conference Tournaments are up this weekend, while Ohio High School Girls' Basketball are heading into Sectional Play later in the month. Join Lee for the scoop on what's happenin...Show More

Episode 27: “The Man on The Mound”

1:15:17 | Jan 30th, 2018

Ron Russo, former Head Coach of Miamisburg Girls Basketball, Current MHS Teacher, and Color Commentator for, joins Lee to talk the good word about Miamisburg, Wright State, Dayton, and other local sports!

Episode 26: “The Fifth Roundtable”

1:58:59 | Jan 30th, 2018

The Fifth Roundtable: The biggest table to hit the waves! Travko returns with first-timer Billy from Huber with Mark Schlemmer and Lee to talk the talk about the local sports.

Episode 25: “An Experience with Dayton History”

36:20 | Jan 25th, 2018

Leo DeLuca joins Lee to talk about the wonderful things about Dayton History, 'Fight Night' at Memorial Hall, why Dayton is the birthplace of the NFL, and more in this edition recorded from Carillon Historical Park!

Episode 24: “A Mark on Local Sports”

1:37:51 | Jan 22nd, 2018

In a week where the Super Bowl opponents arose from their respected championships, local basketball and hockey teams picked up wins and took hard losses, a basketball jersey was hung into the rafters and into the history books, there are at least two...Show More

Episode 23: “The Fourth Roundtable”

1:50:03 | Jan 15th, 2018

It's the Fourth Roundtable, with an Ohio State vs. Michigan twist. Travis joins Lee and Mark Schlemmer to talk the fanship and local sports!

Episode 22: “The Cinco Mark of Sports”

2:13:05 | Jan 10th, 2018

Mark and Lee talk local and national sports to open 2018!

Episode 21: “Into The New Year”

43:09 | Jan 2nd, 2018

Start yor 2018 year off right with a generous helping of Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio sports! Lee closes out 2017 with two tournaments happening in our back yard.

Episode 20: “The 3rd (flu-struck) Roundtable”

1:36:26 | Dec 26th, 2017

Despite the flu bug flying around, Mark Schlemmer returns with Lee for the 3rd edition of The Roundtable.

Episode 19: “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

21:14 | Dec 26th, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Lee wishes you the best during the Holidays while dropping some plans for the podcast in 2018.

Episode 18: “Ice at the Metro”

45:12 | Dec 19th, 2017

Nick Poe, the proprietor of South Metro Sportsplex in Centerville, Ohio, joins Lee to talk about the venue, hockey history in Dayton, upcoming hockey tournaments, and local hockey!

Episode 17: “The Second Roundtable”

2:04:15 | Dec 11th, 2017

What happens when you have a table and invite sports fans to talk on a podcast...again? Round Two of “The Roundtable!” Mark Schlemmer returns for the 2nd Roundtable, joining along with Ed and John to bring you the good word of local sports in the Cin...Show More

Episode 16: “The Roundtable Debuts”

1:54:07 | Dec 4th, 2017

What happens when you have a table and invite sports fans to talk on a podcast? The debut of "The Roundtable!" Mark Schlemmer returns, joining along with Adam and Tony to bring you the good word of local sports in the Cin-Day area!

Episode 15: “Hoops ‘N’ Pucks, Dabbelt Style”

57:59 | Nov 29th, 2017

Jim Dabbelt returns to the podcast to talk the start of High School Basketball in the Cin-Day area, as well as a little hockey talk thrown in the mix.

Episode 14: “Scratch and Score: How I Spent My Soccer Off-Season”

1:10:27 | Nov 21st, 2017

Chad Hollingsworth joins the podcast to talk about a busy off-season for two Cincinnati-Dayton teams and the #SaveTheCrew movement.

Episode 13: “Third Times the Mark”

1:49:29 | Nov 13th, 2017

Mark Schlemmer returns for Episode 13, talking about the local sports happenings between Cincinnati and Dayton!

Episode 12: “We Fall for Winters”

59:18 | Nov 6th, 2017

College Basketball is approaching, Cincinnati and Dayton! Don't forget to finish up your Fall Sports before loading up on College Hoops!

Episode 11: “All Ohio, All Ball, No Bull”

42:00 | Oct 30th, 2017

How does an Ohio version of the Crossroads Classic sound? That, and the 2017 High School Football playoffs make up Episode 11. Join Lee for the look on a possible college basketball tournament and playoffs!

Episode 10: “Don’t Enjoy the Silence”

1:25:36 | Oct 24th, 2017

The Tenth Episode breaks a silence streak of one month and four days, but is it for final goodbyes? (No, no it's not.) Lee returns for Fall Sports wondermint and something to break the podcast silence.

Episode 9: “The One Who is The Voice”

41:01 | Sep 20th, 2017

In Episode 9, after taking one week off, Lee returns to share more about himself and where he fits amongst the Cincinnati-Dayton sports scene.

Episode 8: “Return of the Schlemm(er)”

1:47:16 | Sep 5th, 2017

Mark Schlemmer returns to the podcast in Episode 8. Mark and Lee answer questions from the family, talk wrestling, and more!

Episode 7: “The Priceless Gem”

1:47:03 | Aug 30th, 2017

Meet the two founders of the Gem City Sports Network, Brian Reiss and Doug Brown, and hear some of their local sports tale.

Episode 6: “Autumn is Coming”

1:19:18 | Aug 24th, 2017

Fall Sports are here! Don't be "leafed" behind with what's in store in the Cincinnati-Dayton area, have Lee give you the run-down on College Football and Soccer. Autumn!

Episode 5: "Sports with Schlemmer"

1:42:12 | Aug 15th, 2017

Mark Schlemmer joins Lee for Episode Five to talk sports, radio shows, and advice to those chasing the dream.

Episode 4: “Hoopin’ with Jim Dabbelt”

56:18 | Aug 10th, 2017

Jim Dabbelt becomes the first guest on the podcast, spending nearly an hour with Lee talking local hoops and sports.

Episode 3: “A Sporting Summer”

40:23 | Aug 2nd, 2017

They say summer is the dullest time of year for sports. I take about forty minutes to disprove that argument with lots of Cincinnati and Dayton sports updates.

Episode 2: “Mowen’s Sports Almanac”

49:25 | Jul 25th, 2017

What if you, a sports fan, had the power to change one event in favor of your team? Thanks to many fan additions, we'll take a look at several events around the Cincinnati-Dayton sporting history!

Episode 1: “The Pilot Flies Tonight”

28:46 | Jul 22nd, 2017

In a world of Dayton and Cincinnati sports, there is one man with a microphone to bring the listeners to the vast environment. That man is Lee W. Mowen. Broadcaster. Announcer. Writer. Some guy that happens to have a microphone. Join Lee W. Mowen on ...Show More