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Agile FM

Jochen (Joe) Krebs


We cover a wide range of topics, for example Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming, CSM, PSM, Product Owner, Communication, Leadership, Agile Transformations and Cultural Change.


36:22 | May 12th

In the the light of COVID-19, I asked Lauri about agile program management. We talked about the need for a role that is the glue between the teams, within the team and leadership. The glue that keeps ...Show More

36:22 | May 6th

I had the pleasure speaking with WIKISPEED CEO Joe Justice and chair of the Agile Business Institute. Joe is dedicated to change the world how cars and living spaces are being built. He is the author...Show More
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49:46 | Apr 29th

Jim Benson is the co-creator of Personal Kanban and Lean Coffee, Even though Lean Coffee uses a modified Personal Kanban, it is a meeting facilitation tool to increase engagement and collaboration. In...Show More

46:44 | Apr 23rd

Evan Leybourn is the founder of the research group and member based organization called "Business Agility Institute". He is also one of the organizers of the business agility conference which shares ...Show More

48:52 | Apr 14th

Back in 1991, Rick Dove led a government project to explore improvements to manufacturing at that time. The word "agile" was chosen which influenced the creators of the Agile Manifesto a decade later....Show More
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