Rough Translation

From Niqab To N95

20:44 | May 27th

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The French republic "lives with her face uncovered," say the posters. But now face masks are mandatory. We look back at why covering your face in France used to be a sign of bad citizenship, until it ...Show More


mm recommended:Nov 10th

If you don't wear a mask in France, you'll get fined 120 euros. But if you cover your face, you'll get fined 150 euros. So which wins? Hilarious TikTok skit turns into a very serious and interesting discussion about Niqabs vs masks.

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rmmiller364 recommended:Nov 1st

I should probably just recommend every single episode of this podcast! This episode is excellent. It examines how face coverings are now being promoted in France as a public good, but prior to COVID, any kind of face covering was considered to be un-French (spoiler alert: this attitude has Islamopho...Show More

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