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Your Brain on Birth Control with Dr. Sarah E. Hill

1:00:38 | Jan 9th

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Today on the show I am talking to Dr. Sarah E. Hill, the author of This Is Your Brain on Birth Control.  Use code BEBOFLOW for 15% off any bebo mia course registration Full Shownotes  Heavy Flow: Bre...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jan 14th

REALLY important episode about the impact on birth control on a women's brain and body. You are literally a different person when you are taking birth control. There is so much that isn't discussed when doctors carelessly prescribe birth control to young girls. There is no choice. Women need to be g...Show More

rosaguacJan 23rd

just finished listening and wanted to thank you for this rec! dr hill is so informative and really broke down the aspects of contraception + periods that i always so vaguely understand.

rosaguac recommended:Jan 23rd

the lack of information b/w all our friends on why contraception makes us feel ____ is beyond me! dr. hill successfully attempts to chip away all our confusion and doubts when it comes to birth control and the history of the obtuse research behind this. tldr: a good FAQ on birth control that i rea...Show More


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