Living A Life In Full

Dr Chris Stout; Best Selling Author | Adventurer | Angel Advisor | (Accidental) Humanitarian

“Living a Life in Full” is the conversation you always wanted to have with that person who gave an amazing TED talk, or the author of one your favorite books, or that inspirational Olympian you always wanted to know more about. This show is for t...Show More


1:30:41 | Mar 1st

So many of us postpone many of the things we’d like to do until something else happens first—we wait until we graduate, or until we get married, or until we have enough money, or until we retire—and t...Show More

57:03 | Feb 1st

We do a deep dive into his new book, Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach, which has been adopted for a number of courses. We discuss how classical computing is quite different from quantum computin...Show More
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37:52 | Jan 1st

As we start this third season of the show, I want to first of all, thank you for listening. My goal is also to experiment and learn via the mechanics of the show. Last year on New Year’s Day I did ...Show More

53:55 | Dec 1st, 2019

Did you ever wonder if anything ever spooked Warren Buffett? Or how Jeff Koons got started? In the spirit of Tim Ferriss’ books, Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans, Gillian Zoe Segal spent five ...Show More

1:09:19 | Nov 1st, 2019

What if you could create a project to quickly learn the skills to transition to a new role, project, or even profession? What if you could learn a new language, simulate a university degree program, o...Show More
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