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Fresh from the birthplace of the CCF! Commentary and analysis on local and provincial politics from a left perspective.

44:56 | Feb 18th

After cutting healthcare expenditures by 17% over four years, Jason Kenney's UCP government spent $2 million for a review of Alberta Health Services. The review found very little in terms of major cos...Show More

43:58 | Feb 12th

Scrapping the previous NDP government's comprehensive curriculum review, Jason Kenney pledged to "get politics out of the classroom." The UCP's new suggestions: provide "balance" when teaching lessons...Show More
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53:09 | Feb 6th

Nowadays, a "public enterprise" means the government bought a leaky pipeline— but public enterprises have a long and successful history in Canada, providing services and public goods that private acto...Show More

30:32 | Feb 1st

Kenney's UCP government recently announced a new funding model for post-secondary education: 40% of institutional funding will now depend on performance measures, such as graduate employment rates, me...Show More

19:32 | Jan 27th

Imperial Oil's internal documents prove that they knew the realities of climate change decades ago— yet continued to confuse the issue in public as it continued to ramp up production. Murtaza Hussain,...Show More
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