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Tudors Dynasty



Sit back, relax and prepare to be transported back in time to the Tudor era.


47:03 | Jun 24th, 2019

*Note: This episode may include curse words or statements that may offend you, but let's be honest, that's what makes this one the most fun! This episode is my final episode before I take a brief brea...Show More

1:04:45 | May 26th

On this final episode of the 2019/2020 season, I welcomed back Tara Ball to discuss the execution and burial of Anne Boleyn. Tara is a Warden of the White Tower, and has a fascination with Anne Boleyn...Show More
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1:04:46 | May 14th

Welcome to the show - I’m Rebecca Larson, host of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast, and today’s episode is a bit different from previous episodes as this time I am the guest. I was recently asked by Rosie, ...Show More

42:01 | May 1st

On this episode Suzannah and I chat about Tudor women, a bit about Tudor queens, a little about Anne Askew, we chat about witchcraft, and then we wrap it up with Henry VIII. You don’t want to miss a m...Show More

1:01:53 | Apr 17th

*Warning: This episode contains some explicit language, nothing serious, but don't listen with little ears around.   Dr Estelle Paranque is Lecturer in Early Modern History at New College of the Hum...Show More
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