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Tudors Dynasty


Sit back, relax and prepare to be transported back in time to the Tudor era.

47:03 | Jun 24th

*Note: This episode may include curse words or statements that may offend you, but let's be honest, that's what makes this one the most fun! This episode is my final episode before I take a brief break from recording - don’t worry, I’ll be back in Se...Show More

09:56 | Oct 11th

On this supplemental episode of the Tudors Dynasty Podcast we welcome historical fiction author, Tony Riches. Tony’s latest book is Katherine – Tudor Duchess – it is about the life of Katherine Willoughby. So today, Tony will give us a brief history ...Show More
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37:47 | Oct 6th

On today’s episode I welcome another one of my favorite historians and authors, Leanda de Lisle. Leanda and I talk about the Tudors, James I, and his son, Charles I. You just never know where these topics will lead, and I had an absolute blast discus...Show More

19:28 | Sep 27th

In this episode of A Brief History, I welcome author,  Michèle Schindle  of Lovell Our Dog. She has released a book about Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell. Francis was a central figure during the reign of Richard III and Henry VII.  About th...Show More

29:18 | Sep 22nd

This episode with guest, Hunter S. Jones is so fun because we talk about so many different things: Anne Boleyn, Francis Bryan, Jane Seymour and even Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley.  Hunter even has a new book out call  Magic & Mystery in Tudor E...Show More
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