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28:23 | Feb 1st

The California Report Magazine listeners and reporters take the stage to share their stories about the 'California Dream' and whether it's still alive.

28:18 | Jan 18th

An artist's legal battle brings up complex questions about who owns images of cultural heroes; a superfan’s obsession with 'Heat' leads to a Hollywood ending; and the Vietnamese immigrant who helped m...Show More
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28:23 | Jan 11th

How do you tell the story of Jerry Brown’s political career? You start by sitting down with the former California governor for over 40 hours of interviews.

29:03 | Jan 4th

Most children of immigrant parents know what it's like to walk between two worlds. In this week's episode, Sandhya Dirks takes us back with her to her mother's India.

28:41 | Dec 28th, 2019

Elliot Franks, Lucia Lucas and Breanna Sinclairé are transgender opera singers navigating an industry that has been slow to evolve with the times.
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