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The Nuanced Life

Sarah & Beth


In a world that increasingly defaults to false dichotomies, we explore the messiness of living wisely —the choices, tradeoffs, priorities, and grace of living a nuanced life.


27:20 | Jul 29th

We believe deeply in having hard conversations, not shying away from uncomfortable topics like religion and politics. They are rarely easy, but having these conversations with parents can feel especia...Show More

27:20 | Jul 22nd

We share commemorations and questions about the health of our reproductive systems. Plus, Lisa's Bye Felicia party leads us into a conversation about what we want to say goodbye to.  See More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

43:10 | Jul 15th

What do we do when our friends get divorced? How do we process complicated grief? How do we preserve faith in the face of tragedy? How do we process our desire to tear it all down? How do we process...Show More

19:58 | Jul 8th

We hear from Brooke and Mary about grief and choices during this pandemic. Then, we share our thoughts on how to make decisions to facilitate long term coping throughout this difficult season.  See a...Show More

21:54 | Jul 1st

Lauren reached out to ask about handling canceled travel and the endless battle that is getting refunds right now. Since Sarah recently canceled her own European adventure, we invited her husband Nich...Show More
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