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Product Breakfast Club is a behind the scenes look at how some of the best companies in the world design their products. Jake Knapp, NY Times best-selling author of "Sprint", has helped companies like Slack, Nest and 23andMe build successful products...Show More

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74: Design Ruined Everything

1:07:21 | Apr 14th

Jonathan's not here this week. So Jake is joined by Amr from AJ&Smart. Deja vu, anyone? Here’s a peek at the topics discussed in this episode: - 01:00—Amr's journey to becoming a designer - 19:20—Apple & VR - 31:20—Snap's new Snap Kit - 45:40—Pinte...Show More

73: Steve Jobs VS Steve Ballmer (not clickbait)

50:59 | Apr 8th

Jake’s not here this week. So Jonathan is joined by Amr from AJ&Smart to talk about a little more about Apple (since they had their media event a couple weeks back); compare Apple’s leadership with Microsoft’s; and how to approach working on a “borin...Show More

72: Inside My Dirty Airpods

58:17 | Apr 1st

Jake & Jonathan finally discuss Apple on the podcast for the FIRST TIME EVER! It’s weird how they’ve never covered Apple before—given Apple’s importance in the product space. But anyway, it’s here now! Enjoy!

71: Mona Patel on How to find your Dream Mentor

1:02:52 | Mar 25th

All-time favorite guest Mona Patel—Founder & CEO of Motivate Design—is back to chat with Jonathan in another AMAZING episode! This is a really fun episode that’s also PACKED with great advice. Some of the topics discussed in this episode: What matt...Show More

70: Facebook’s VP of Product Design JULIE ZHUO

45:11 | Mar 18th

How often do you get the chance to listen to the VP of Facebook, Julie Zhuo, talk about her work..?!? (Crickets) Yeah, we thought so. That’s why we think you’ll LOVE this episode! Jake & Jonathan (well mostly Jake), ask Julie a lot of questions you w...Show More

69: You Don’t Always Have to Be Happy

53:35 | Mar 11th

Jake & Jonathan go into deep topics in this one! 🍆 But before they do, Jonathan does a victory dance 💃 because he won a certain bet. 🤑 Then they dive into the deep stuff, talking about motivation, human nature, happiness, and how all of that affec...Show More

68: 10 Most Innovative Companies 2019

53:56 | Mar 4th

Jonathan and Tim sit down to discuss the top 10 most innovative companies of 2019! Who’s Tim, you ask? Good question. They go through the top 10 one by one and discuss what they think of these companies and their innovations. 💡 Links Tim Hoefer on...Show More

67: Let’s talk about Innovation (with Jason Feifer)

29:11 | Feb 25th

Another week, another Jake-less episode. In this one, Jonathan interviews Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur Magazine. Jason also has 2 great podcasts: Pessimist Archive, Problem Solvers. And he's written for a bunch of famous publications...Show More

65: PBC Product Awards 2019

1:00:53 | Feb 11th

People. Naked people. Naked people running in the street. Naked people in the sauna. Jonathan naked in a sauna. 16 minutes of that. Then awards. 2018 awards. But not necessarily for stuff that came out in It’s a fun one. Enjoy! 😘 Links: Joe Rogan’...Show More

64: Kevin Rose gives us EPIC Product Advice!

1:04:14 | Feb 4th

This is a big one! This might just be the BEST EPISODE YET!! Why, you ask..? Because Jake & Jonathan are joined by none other than the legendary Kevin Rose. Jonathan doesn’t even bother talking for most of the episode because he just wants Kevin and ...Show More

63: Growth Hacking and Design Sprints Make Love

23:45 | Jan 28th

Fish burning. 🐟 Dog barking. 🐶 Jonathan is doing a Growth Sprint Workshop?! That's not all. He's also leaving money on the table. It's right there. Yes, that table. It's your if you want it. 🤑 Babies are dogs. Or maybe they're comparable to dogs. ...Show More

62: Let's Talk Product Strategy

1:19:38 | Jan 21st

Jake & Jonathan kick-off the first episode of the new year by diving straight into prod… no, they start by rambling for a good long while. But it’s good rambling: new year goals, journaling, setting OKRs, and Jonathan’s mom meets a random Irish guy t...Show More

60: Life Lessons Learned (2018)

1:37:34 | Dec 24th, 2018

Strap in for the end of the year extravaganza! The episode, appropriately, starts off with favorite breakfast sandwiches of 🥪 Jake and Jonathan would love for you to invite them to your country and show them around! 🌍Should designers make a good pe...Show More

59: Berlin vs Silicon Valley (5-star episode)

34:23 | Dec 17th, 2018

Jake & Jonathan are back together in this one. Amdist all the interviews this year, it’s like a special episode when Jake & Jonathan actually talk to each other! In this one, they read listener email… Everyone loves the show. Boring. JK. Thank you ev...Show More

57: Inside LEGO with design leader Tara Wike

1:14:29 | Dec 3rd, 2018

Jonathan has moved on. Jakes interviews tara wike, Senior Design Manager at LEGO, the wooden toys company, and manages LEGO Ideas. Jakes asks Tara about her move to Denmark. Learning Danish. æ ø å. Eating a hot dog & drinking chocolate milk. Applying...Show More

56: Best Books 2018

1:10:29 | Nov 26th, 2018

Happy podbirthday! 🎉 It’s the podcast’s 1 year birthday. 👶🏻 Help the podcast get to 10,000 listeners by sharing it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and rating it on iTunes (click here to go to the iTunes Store and rate it)! Get ready for a whole...Show More

55: Design Sprints DON’T WORK! (not clickbait)

46:19 | Nov 19th, 2018

Jake & Jonathan finally reveal that the Design Sprint has been one gigantic SCAM! It’s crazy how the book sold so much and how much money Jonathan has been able to get from selling it to clients! Also in today’s episode: Design sprints aren’t for ev...Show More

54: How To Control Your STUPID Face

1:02:31 | Nov 12th, 2018

First things first: PRODUCT BREAKFAST CLUB TEESHIRTS ARE HERE!!! 😱 Ok, back to normal now. Please only continue if you’ve bought a t-shirt. How many did you buy..?! We love you all. But we love the ones who bought the t-shirts more. Just kidding. M...Show More

53: How to Design Non-Sh**t Conferences with ANDY BUDD

1:14:46 | Nov 5th, 2018

Jonathan interviews Andy Budd, co-founder of Clearleft and the man behind popular design conferences like UX London and Leading Design. Jonathan asks lots of questions and but doesn’t even get close to asking everything he wants to ask. Some of the t...Show More

52: Basecamp’s New Book is SAVAAAAAGE!

16:34 | Oct 29th, 2018

Jonathan starts with a rambly 4-minute intro that leads into a solocast since Jake’s not here. Jake’s in London doing more important stuff than talking to Jonathan. 🕺🏻 Jonathan talks about Jason Fried and DHH’s new book, It Doesn’t Have to Be Craz...Show More

51: When Being LAZY is SMART!

57:06 | Oct 22nd, 2018

This episode starts off with a very subtle ad, that’s not at all in-your-face. Also, it’s not sponsored by Squarespace or Zip Recruiter. It’s important that you know that. Some of the things Jake & Jon talk about in this episode: How AJ&Smart went f...Show More

50: FIFTY?! 💦🦔

18:58 | Oct 15th, 2018

The podcast is 50, so it’s officially a middle-aged rambly guy! 👴🏻 There’s someone in Jake’s background, who suddenly takes over from Jake. He also invented the Design Sprint. Maybe it’s just Jake doing a French accent..? 🥖 This episode literally ...Show More

49: MONA PATEL on Starting and Growing a Multi Million Dollar Design Agency

1:02:04 | Oct 8th, 2018

Jonathan interviews Mona Patel, who really makes Jonathan look like a boring, lazy person in comparison. Mona is the founder of 3 companies: Motivate Design, UX Hires, and Insider Insight. Aaaand she’s the author of Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, I...Show More

48: How to be a Product Leader - SCOTT BELSKY

37:41 | Oct 1st, 2018

Jonathan interviews Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and currently Adobe's Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Creative Cloud, and only asks him questions that were sent in by you, the listener! Just kidding, Jonathan selfishly asks...Show More

47: Big Product Decisions: Gut Feeling or Test?

1:00:00 | Sep 24th, 2018

Jonathan is famous and get recognized while holding underwear. 👙 Jake's new book Make Time is coming out tomorrow! 🔥📖🔥 Jake and Jonathan discuss different approaches to giving talks. Jake always wings it, while Jonathan sweats every detail! So...Show More

46: Silicon Valley’s Top CEO/Leadership Coach: KIM SCOTT

39:07 | Sep 17th, 2018

This week Jonathan interviews his favorite Author Kim Scott, Founder of Candor Inc. & CEO coach for some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies. She was on the faculty of Apple University and was a leader for Google AdSense, YouTube and the Double Cl...Show More

45: Apple is DOOMED! iPhone XS, Watch Series 4 LEAKED

39:05 | Sep 10th, 2018

This week something cool is about to drop… and it’s not the theme tune to Fragil Rock. It’s that time for Apple’s special event - 2018. The invitations are out, but so are the rumours. This year also comes with a whole bunch of leaks (whoooo let the ...Show More

44: Growing USTWO + The Future of Creative Business with Jules Ehrhardt

1:13:41 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Ever wanted to hear from a creative design business master??? Well, today is another very special episode. This time Jonathan interviews Jules Ehrhardt of UsTwo fame about building one of the biggest most revered design companies. Unfortunately, no...Show More

43: BONUSODE - How to Make Better Use of Your Time

55:47 | Aug 27th, 2018

This week is a little different from our usual, Jonathan couldn't make it. So instead Jake is bringing you and interview from another show that he's just been on, talking about his new book 'Make Time'. You've heard us talk a lot about "buy Sprint"...Show More

42: Why the Best Products Come From Silicon Valley

59:53 | Aug 20th, 2018

What's the difference between working as a designer in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.... Well, the water closet for sure! Jonathan and Jake chat about; • Working for big Silicon Valley companies, • How to position your values inline with...Show More

41: BEST Books for Product People (Not Sponsored by Squarespace)

27:15 | Aug 13th, 2018

Jonathan and Jake cozy up in an hotel room together, eating some breakfast in bed like Bert and Erni would be proud of! Talking with a mouth full, spraying pastry crumbs all over the sheets and much more... They chat about leaving behind technical d...Show More

40: Design Career Booster 2018 with Ran Segall

45:09 | Aug 6th, 2018

What does a 300,000 dollar a year designer do to earn that much money...? Well Jonathan has a chat with one. This weeks episode is with Ran Segall from the YouTube channel Flux. The topics in this conversation turned to career hacks, mentors and mon...Show More

39: Jake and Jonathan REUNITED - Ramblefest

49:36 | Jul 30th, 2018

This Episode.... Yes, THIS EPISODE, is the BEST episode... So much in this episode, You'll learn lot's of things, soooo many things! Side note - If you take something from this episode, please let us know cause we have no idea what to write about it...Show More

38: Do you have to be Charismatic/Extroverted to run a Sprint?

07:37 | Jul 23rd, 2018

In this mini episode Jake answers another interesting question that was asked in the masterclass this week. A question about how charismatic or extroverted do you need to be to run a Sprint workshop ( Sprint). You might be surprised of the ans...Show More

37: Design Sprints for Complex Enterprise/B2B Products

07:00 | Jul 16th, 2018

How messy can you get? In this mini ep Jake answers a difficult but super interesting question that came up in the masterclass this week. A question about using design sprints for complex enterprise situations when designing B2B products. 

Find out...Show More

36: Is User Research Important?

11:00 | Jul 9th, 2018

During the recording of one of our masterclass workshops, we thought we'd address a really important question that pops up time and time again in our Facebook group and at our workshops; Is user research important when designing a product... let's fi...Show More

35: How to Scale Design Sprints in Organisations

27:00 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Jonathan does another lonely cast today, Jake couldn't join us unfortunately. Jonathan talks about how he scales design sprints across multiple big companies he's working with and when or not you might not need to. He also concludes his summary of ...Show More

34: Should I Go To College?

22:13 | Jun 25th, 2018

Jonathan and Jake answer a listeners question about the value of formal education, while exploring what good and bad things they took away from going to college. Is it even necessary these days and will they be sending their kids off to college? We'l...Show More

33: This Episode is Free!

44:15 | Jun 18th, 2018

Jonathan is back from vacation and happy that it's gaming conference season. He and Jake chat about monetisation of apps and when or not it's important to release free stuff, also a few book recommendations for your vacation read list! Follow Jake K...Show More

32: Jake Goes Solo & Checks Out Apple's Updates

20:53 | Jun 11th, 2018

In this episode Jake Knapp takes on his very first 'SoloCast'. Carrying on from episode 30, where we looked at Google's Digital Well Being strategies, Jake explores what Apple have brought to the table in their newest updates for IOS, Apple watch, D...Show More

31: Annihilation (Book Review) FRIDAY FUNAST!

07:16 | Jun 8th, 2018

Do you know that terrible Netflix movie with Natalie Portman – Annihilation? Well it’s actually an awesome book that you have to read. A bit disturbing and tense though! Oooo Creepy Friday Fun-Cast!! Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonat...Show More

30: Google Beats Apple to Digital Well Being

30:20 | Jun 4th, 2018

Google get’s ahead of Apple by releasing some (probably should be more) digital health clean-ups. We talk GDPR and more while Jonathan dies of man-flu. Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream...Show More

29: Bats. Everywhere. FRIDAY FUNCAST!

06:52 | Jun 1st, 2018

We missed a mainline episode this week due to bad planning BUT DO NOT FEAR because here's a Friday Funcast! Also, Jake messed up the audio. Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into...Show More

28: How To Deal With Doubt

40:05 | May 23rd, 2018

How do you know if you're on the right path in your career? What do you do when you start to doubt yourself or feel like you're on the wrong path? Jake and Jonathan discuss this AND MORE in this week's HORRIBLY RECORDED (sorry) PBC Podcast. Sorry for...Show More

27: The Best Career Advice 2018

14:55 | May 14th, 2018

What's the best possible career advice I can give you in May 2018? Well, here it is! Lemme know if you liked it on social! (@jicecream) Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into the ...Show More

26: Sarah Cooper - How to Quit Google (Interview)

27:14 | May 7th, 2018

An interview with the amazing Sarah Cooper, an ex-Google Docs design lead and super talented comedian! Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Sarah Cooper: @sarahcpr Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write in to the p...Show More

25: Friday Funcast - Soy Sauce Splash!

09:38 | May 4th, 2018

Uploading this episode in Copenhagen airport, laughing to myself like an idiot. Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into the podcast: Show Notes (fan made): https:/...Show More

24: "Alexa, open my burns"

37:41 | Apr 30th, 2018

It's a day late, but you know what they say: Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into the podcast: Show Notes (fan made): More

23: FRIDAY FUNCAST - Jon & Jake's Emoji Showdown

10:01 | Apr 27th, 2018

THIS IS IT. YOU FINALLY HAVE AN ANSWER TO THE MOST COMMON EXISTENTIAL QUESTION.... we're so sorry about these Friday Funcasts... Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into the podcast...Show More

22: GMAIL REDESIGN LEAK + Can popular products really take risks?

48:35 | Apr 23rd, 2018

Product breakfast club, product breakfast club! This week we dive deep and dirty into Google I/O leaks. I/O is only 20 days away and already we're knee-deep in freaky, leaky-love. Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Inst...Show More

21: What's so special about Silicon Valley?

28:24 | Apr 16th, 2018

The title kinda says it all here. Jake and Jonathan discuss their first trips to Silicon Valley and chat about some misconceptions and stuff, probably. Follow Jake Knapp on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan Courtney on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream...Show More

20: FRIDAY FUNCAST - Jonathan smashes his tailbone.

06:25 | Apr 13th, 2018

Jonathan had a little accident and apparently you need to hear about it asap. Regular programming returns Monday. Follow Jake on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonathan on Instagram or Twitter: @jicecream Write into the podcast:

19: Are the designers at Facebook bad people? (+Instagram Buttwave!)

18:40 | Apr 9th, 2018

British accents, Instagram butts and more deep-cut innovation topics. (Oh, and we talk about design products to be addictive). PLEASE... please.... if you like the podcast, give it a 5 Star rating on itunes/Apple podcasts. Show notes: https://mediu...Show More

18: McKinsey are selling Design Sprints?!!??!!?

13:49 | Apr 2nd, 2018

Workshop Offer-code in description below McKinsey, one of the largest, most important consulting firms on the planet, announce that they're going to start selling Concept Sprints. Jake and Jonathan discuss this OUTRAGE. Master the art of running you...Show More

17: How LEGO run Design Sprints at scale - Interview with Eik Brandsgård

54:17 | Mar 26th, 2018

Ever wondered if Design Sprints would work in a large-scale corporation? Wonder no more! Seriously, stop, please!!!!! This week Jonathan had the pleasure of interviewing Eik Brandsgård who's been at LEGO for over a decade. In this episode you'll lear...Show More

16: From Selling Fish in Ireland to Starting a Design Agency - FOUNDERCAST

1:08:23 | Mar 19th, 2018

This week, Jake interviews Jonathan on how he went from being a guy selling fish in Ireland to running a succesful design agency. I know, I know... you want links in the show notes... maybe in episode 17? Follow Jake on Twitter: @jakek Follow Jonath...Show More

15: INNOVATION! What Really Matters?

13:27 | Mar 2nd, 2018

Our shortest episode ever! Recorded Live in Stockholm, Sweden after a Design Sprint Workshop. Have a listen in on our only slightly drunken rant about Innovation and Leadership. Let us know if you like it!!! And please give it a review. Jonathan on...Show More

14: The Golden Age of UX is Over - Being a Product Designer in 2018

17:43 | Feb 23rd, 2018

The Golden Age of UX is over, so what can designers do to stay valuable while supply reaches demand levels? What should companies hiring designer be looking for? Also, what's this?? A short episode?! Jonathan on Instagram and Twitter: @jicecream Ja...Show More

13: Juicy Design Sprint Updates for 2018 - Live Q&A

1:10:58 | Feb 19th, 2018

Jake and Jon jump on a Youtube Live to answer anything people had to ask about Design Sprints. If you're interested in how the Design Sprint has evolved over the last 2 years, then this is the Big Juicy Carrot for you! Be sure to subscribe to the AJ...Show More

#12: How to Build a Crazy-Successful Design Business with Chris Do

48:51 | Feb 8th, 2018

Chris Do, the Emmy Award winning designer and CEO of 2 successful design companies came on the PBC podcast! No idea why but it was great! Chris and Jonathan discuss building design agencies from scratch, money, cars, youtube and much more! Chris Do...Show More

#11: Why Most Design Conferences Suck + Nintendo Labo!

55:58 | Feb 4th, 2018

What's this??! The audio doesn't suck in this episode?! We're like NPR or something! This episode is all about why Jonathan and Jake think Design Conferences mostly suck. If you thought this episode didn't suck then please give us a 5 star rating in...Show More

#10: The War on Design Thinking Continues...

49:58 | Jan 25th, 2018

If the last episode was "Episode X" then how can this be "Episode 10?!". Well... ask apple! Oh man... we messed up the audio in this one again but next week it'll be amazing. Does anyone read this? (Lemme know @jicecream on instagram) Jake on twitt...Show More

#X: Jason Fried gives us SAVAGE Product Advice

55:24 | Jan 18th, 2018

We've decided to take a leaf from Apple's book and skip the number "9" for this momentous episode! Jason Fried gives amazing product advice to us sub-humans. That's it! Do people actually read this bit? Follow us on social media: Jason- Twitter: @ja...Show More

#8: How to Make Better Decisions, Faster

51:42 | Jan 8th, 2018

Having systems for making decisions is one of the best ways to make sure your team or business doesn't end up arguing over which chairs to buy when they should be innovating. In other news, Jake is trying to make money because he's super greedy (Buy ...Show More

#7 Bonusode: DESIGN SPRINT OVERLOAD - Live from the AJ&Smart office

1:18:20 | Dec 30th, 2017

Rancid Audio Warning! It's the day before 2018 and we're here to hit you with a BONUS episode of the PBC podcast!!! This one is an amazing, deep-dive into all things Design Sprint. The (terrible) audio is taken from a fireside chat FB live stream we ...Show More

#6 Best of Everything: 2017 Edition

1:54:50 | Dec 21st, 2017

In this episode of Product Breakfast Club, Jake and Jon talk about how to get the most out of what you read, Jon's return to UI design (it's been a while!) & the big changes in design in 2017! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave us a r...Show More

#5: When is a product really "ready"? Jason Fried tweet storm special.

31:44 | Dec 14th, 2017

In this episode of Product Breakfast Club, Jake and Jon talk about the Design Sprint! But more specifically the process of iterating a product, what it means, and when you should do it. The episode stemmed from a recent twitter craze: Jason Fried rec...Show More

#4 Creativity as a process: How to structure your creative process to maximise output

1:01:50 | Dec 4th, 2017

The guys are back for another Product Breakfast Club! The Design Sprint duo discuss Jon’s recent “career highlight” trip to San Francisco, techniques for not swearing during high level business presentations & the need for structure in any creative p...Show More

#3 Why relying on user research will slow the growth of your products

23:47 | Dec 4th, 2017

Hello & welcome to The Product Breakfast Club podcast by AJ&Smart. It’s episode 3! This episode Jake & Jon get right into it discussing some of the misconceptions people have about the Design Sprint touching upon the recent online controversy on how ...Show More

#2 What makes a good Design Leader and why are Apple still so relevant in the design world?

1:23:47 | Dec 4th, 2017

What is The Product Breakfast Club? The Product Breakfast Club is a behind the scenes look at how some of the best companies in the world design their products. Jake Knapp, NY Times best-selling author of “Sprint”, has helped companies like Slack, Ne...Show More

#1 Innovation Fetish: Why the definition of Innovation needs to change

1:14:24 | Nov 30th, 2017

In the first ever episode of The Product Breakfast Club, with Jonathan Courtney, co-founder of AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp, NY Times best-selling author of "Sprint", we dive into some pretty heavy product design territory! In this episode, Jon and Jake d...Show More