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Twice a month, host J. Keith van Straaten and co-host Helen Hong bring together the smartest celebrities they know and make them look dumb...and then smart again! Recorded before a live audience in downtown Los Angeles, this game show features comedi...Show More

1:10:47 | Sep 6th

This episode of Go Fact Yourself features quick wits and facts about hit flicks! Jena Friedman is a comedian and longtime contributor to television, perhaps her best known work was as a producer on "The Daily Show." She’ll talk about how she was so d...Show More

1:07:39 | Aug 16th

C’est l’heure pour un nouvel épisode de Go Fact Yourself*! (In case your French is a little rusty: It’s time for a new episode of Go Fact Yourself!) Jim Beaver is an actor who’s known for his roles in TV shows like, "Breaking Bad," and, "Justified," ...Show More

1:06:45 | Aug 2nd

Go Fact Yourself is coming to Chicago! Join us on August 9 & 10 at Sleeping Village. Visit gofactyourpod.com for tickets and details. Our patented mind-control techniques compel you to hear this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Jamie Kennedy is a comedia...Show More

1:11:59 | Jul 19th

Go Fact Yourself is coming to Chicago! Join us on August 9 & 10 at Sleeping Village. Visit gofactyourpod.com for tickets and details. Cristela Alonzo is a comedian and former guest on Go Fact Yourself. This week, she’s stepping in as the co-host! He...Show More

1:14:00 | Jul 5th

It’s Go Fact Yourself…. IN SPAAAAACE! Or at least with a lot of discussion about space, plus tons of comedy and trivia! Gaby Dunn is the author of the book Bad With Money and the host of the podcast of the same name. That makes her something of an ...Show More

1:09:04 | Jun 21st

Are you a true fashionista? Are you surrounded by the lore of classic comics? Do you just want to laugh and learn some great trivia? Whether you check one or all of those boxes, this episode of Go Fact Yourself is for you! Mindy Sterling is an actor ...Show More

1:08:04 | Jun 7th

Dolphins and music and sports, oh my! It’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Margaret Cho is a comedian and actress, known for her role in "30 Rock" as Kim Jong-il, for which she received an Emmy nomination. Margaret is also heavily tattooed, ...Show More

1:07:46 | May 17th

This episode of Go Fact Yourself is part of a balanced breakfast of trivia and comedy! Allie Goertz is a writer who hosts the fellow Max Fun podcast "Everything’s Coming up Simpsons". As if that didn’t give her enough funny things to surround herself...Show More

1:05:54 | May 3rd

It might be the most highbrow episode of Go Fact Yourself yet! Suzy Nakamura is an actor who’s been seen in shows like "Dr. Ken" and "The Goldbergs". Her work has endeared her to a large number of fans, but she’ll explain what she’s had to correct th...Show More

1:09:52 | Apr 19th

This week’s episode of Go Fact Yourself features topics that are really scary and really funny! Dave Anthony is a comedian, but he loves making people think just as much as he loves making them laugh. He hosts the podcast "The Dollop" where he tells ...Show More

1:05:09 | Apr 5th

Grab your favorite science-fiction novel and settle into your 1400's English outfit for this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Sara Schaefer is an accomplished comedian and writer. She won an Emmy for her time as a blogger on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...Show More

1:17:04 | Mar 22nd

In honor of the #MaxFunDrive, Go Fact Yourself presents a special network crossover! Guy Branum is a comedian and host of the podcast "Pop Rocket". He's also a pop culture savant, as detailed in his book My Life as a Goddess. If you want to know mor...Show More

20:08 | Mar 15th

Our regularly scheduled episode has been moved to next week for the #MaxFunDrive. This mini-episode of Go Fact Yourself was recorded as part of a live open for Judge John Hodgman. First, Bailiff Jesse Thorn gives a warm welcome to the audience. Then ...Show More

1:07:43 | Mar 1st

Fans of comedy, cars and Howard Stern rejoice: This episode of Go Fact Yourself is sure to delight! Shawn Pelofsky is a comedian whose special "Stretch It Out" is available now. She’s ready to be quizzed about her favorite things; But she’s also exc...Show More

1:07:59 | Feb 15th

"The Simpsons," Quentin Tarantino and comedy come together on Go Fact Yourself! Sasheer Zamata is best known for her roles on "Saturday Night Live" and as the host of the variety showcase Sasheer Zamata Party Time. She’ll tell us about why a very... ...Show More

1:04:10 | Feb 1st

It's a collision of comedians on this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Scott Thompson is known for being part of the famed comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. How did he become a part of such a well-regarded group of funny people? Let's just say that it ...Show More

1:09:55 | Jan 18th

It’s a trivia mix of film, TV and the internet this week on Go Fact Yourself with two of the creative forces behind Netlfix's “Mystery Science Theater 3000!” Elliot Kalan is a newly published children’s author of the book Horse Meets Dog. He’s also ...Show More

1:01:26 | Jan 4th

Happy National Trivia Day! Let’s celebrate with a collision of journalists who also host podcasts! Cara Santa Maria is the host of the podcast Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria. She’s also a science communicator and there’s a chance that her proficien...Show More

1:00:53 | Dec 21st, 2018

Nerdy media of the past and present collide on this edition of Go Fact Yourself! Lea Thompson is an actress, perhaps best known for her role in the classic Back to the Future series. But lately, she’s developed a reputation for losing reality TV comp...Show More

1:04:47 | Dec 7th, 2018

It’s the very first couple-edition of Go Fact Yourself! Wil Wheaton is an actor, writer and geek-culture legend. He’s been in everything from Star Trek: The Next Generation where he starred as the character Wesley Crusher, to his YouTube series Tabl...Show More

1:00:49 | Nov 16th, 2018

Go Fact Yourself has returned to Los Angeles! Jordan Morris is a podcasting savant. For years he has endeared himself to listeners as one of the hosts of the Max Fun podcast Jordan, Jesse Go!. But these days, he’s getting more attention for the sci-f...Show More

55:36 | Nov 2nd, 2018

It's another episode Go Fact Yourself recorded in New York! Ophira Eisenberg is used to being on trivia shows as the host of NPR’s Ask Me Another. But here’s the thing: she doesn’t consider herself a trivia buff. Like, at all. That said, she’s chosen...Show More

59:37 | Oct 19th, 2018

It's the first episode of Go Fact Yourself recorded in New York! Fashion stylist Stacy London is a New York Times Bestselling author. And for ten seasons, she was best known as the host of What Not to Wear on TLC. And while she still prides herself ...Show More

59:52 | Oct 5th, 2018

Maria Bamford is a comedian, and star of the Netflix series Lady Dynamite. She’s normally not one for small talk, but this podcast has just the right amount of organized conversation to make her feel comfortable. Grant Imahara is a former member of t...Show More

1:03:00 | Sep 21st, 2018

Matt Besser is a comedian, actor, writer, director and founding member of The Upright Citizens Brigade. He also hosts the weekly podcast improv4humans. He tells J. Keith about the two word prompts he’s banned at shows (hint: one’s a type of fruit and...Show More

1:02:20 | Sep 7th, 2018

Glynn Washington is the host and creator of the public radio show Snap Judgment. Fun fact: He actually got his radio show started by winning a radio contest. Snap Judgment is all about “storytelling with a beat,” and, with a little help from Helen Ho...Show More

59:32 | Aug 17th, 2018

Jodi Miller is a stand-up comedian and actress. She’s also known for her appearance on America’s Got Talent where she explained how guys are like cats. Her comedy album No Child Left Behind is available now. Tom Bergeron has been a fixture on ABC fo...Show More

59:02 | Aug 3rd, 2018

Louis Virtel is a comedian and a co-host of the podcast Keep It. He’s also the winner of Jeopardy, whose Double Jeopardy celebration went viral shortly after it aired on TV. Laraine Newman returns to Go Fact Yourself, this time as a contestant. Newma...Show More

1:01:35 | Jul 20th, 2018

Jonathan Ames created several TV shows, including Bored to Death and Blunt Talk. He’s also the author of many books, including You Were Never Really Here, which was recently adapted into a movie. Janet Varney stars in the TV show Stan Against Evil an...Show More

1:01:16 | Jul 6th, 2018

Susan Orlean is a staff writer for the New Yorker and the author of books like The Orchid Thief. Paul F. Tompkins is a comedian whose voice you’ll recognize as the character Mr. Peanutbutter on Bojack Horseman. In this episode, we learn about why Pa...Show More

59:25 | Jun 15th, 2018

In this episode, we learn about the time Jackie Kashian’s father hit on Maria Bamford. It was at Jackie’s wedding. To find out how Maria reacted, take a listen. Also, if anyone books a guest-starring role on NBC’s Speechless, John Ross Bowie will not...Show More

1:01:21 | Jun 1st, 2018

In this episode, J. Keith van Straaten is reunited on stage with fellow thespian Andrea Savage. You may recognize Savage from her starring role on TruTV’s I’m Sorry, and dozens of Angelenos will recognize her from a junior high production of a pirate...Show More

58:57 | May 18th, 2018

In this episode, actor and comedian Drew Droege faces off against Chelsey Crisp of “Fresh Off the Boat”. We learn lots of interesting facts about Drew and Chelsey in this episode. Chelsey, now a vegan, recalls what it was like eating leeches on Fear ...Show More

52:28 | May 5th, 2018

This week, actress Edi Patterson and comedian Wayne Federman will go head-to-head, answering such biting trivia as the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard, the politics of Beverly Hills and the finer points of childbirth. It’s a competition...Show More

51:50 | Apr 20th, 2018

This week, radio host Stephanie Miller and Let’s Make a Deal’s Jonathan Mangum compete to determine who’s the facting champion of Go Fact Yourself! But before they show off their trivia prowess, they talk a little about who they are. Stephanie explai...Show More

1:03:10 | Apr 6th, 2018

This episode is SO MUCH FUN! Pete Holmes and Annabelle Gurwitch grace Go Fact Yourself with their wit, joy and, yes, abject frustration. And we learn fun facts about the performers. For example, Pete Holmes reveals that The New Yorker rejected his av...Show More

50:36 | Mar 16th, 2018

In this episode, we have the hilarious Lennon Parham of Playing House and the podcast Womp It Up . She faces off against TV & film’s Paul Scheer, who also co-hosts the popular movie podcast How Did This Get Made? J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong ...Show More

52:54 | Mar 3rd, 2018

In this episode, J. Keith and Helen play host to Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds) and Jason Kravits, who is very recognizable from his many many appearances on the big screen and the small screen, as well as Broadway. We learn th...Show More

1:02:06 | Feb 16th, 2018

In this episode, J. Keith and Helen play host to comedians Lizz Winstead and Alonzo Bodden. Lizz is the founder of Lady Parts Justice and was the co-creator and head writer of The Daily Show. Lizz’s topics of expertise were: fitted sheet folding, Scr...Show More

51:21 | Feb 2nd, 2018

In this episode, writer, comedian and International Waters host Dave Holmes competes against Save Ferris’ Monique Powell. Holmes shares his number one piece of advice for game show host newbies like J. Keith, and Powell tells us about her hard-partyi...Show More

57:23 | Jan 19th, 2018

In this episode, Maz Jobrani reveals how much he makes per episode on Superior Donuts, and Cristela Alonzo leads the audience in a sing along of one of her favorite songs. In What's the Difference, Cristela and Maz share their theories on the differe...Show More

50:56 | Jan 6th, 2018

In this episode, comic book author and Moana screenwriter Pamela Ribon faces off against former Daily Show correspondent and host of The Frank DeCaro Show, Frank DeCaro. Ribon’s three areas of expertise are: The Goonies, The Outsiders, and Beastie Bo...Show More

52:12 | Dec 15th, 2017

In this episode, Ologies podcaster and CBS science correspondent for Innovation Nation, Alie Ward, and actor Phil LaMarr (Mad TV, Family Guy) are grilled about bugs, baseball and bicycles. Can either of our charming guests tell the difference between...Show More

51:37 | Dec 8th, 2017

It's the inaugural episode of Go Fact Yourself!  Hosts J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong test whether comedians Jimmy Pardo ("Never Not Funny") and Beth Littleford ("Dog with a Blog")  are as smart as they think they are about topics they love. Fo...Show More