There Will Be Dungeons

Scott Johnson

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign show with nerds.
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2:46:00 | Feb 10th

Our crew get busy with their first step in getting back home! Will they pass? Will they die? Maybe? Tune in and find out! Also never let Nash be a monkey again.

2:55:00 | Jan 13th

In a very Vorel focused run, we learn if he has what it takes to come out on top of M Sports best-of-all-time list! And lots more. Will Nash get his "key"? Will Squirts play tricks? Will Nothing say.....Show More
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3:00:00 | Jan 6th

Nash get's a leg up, but that's about it. The Ninjas go down, and we learn more about how the Lady of Pain works. Are there keys there? We will certainly look on this episode of There Will Be Dungeons...Show More

2:45:00 | Dec 30th, 2019

There Will Be Dungeons is back at it after Christmas! We are learning a lot about this new place and what our role is here. We have some wins, some losses, and a very bad night.
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