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There Will Be Dungeons

Scott Johnson

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign show with nerds.

2:47:00 | May 5th

What will our crew do when they run into an unlucky visitor, resulting in our first encounter with a load of Bug Bears! Join us and see for yourself!

2:55:00 | Feb 11th

Our crew tries to bring Pod back down from her harrowing state, and get their team back on track. But Stanleys evil half wants something else. What will our team do? Tune in and see!
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3:15:00 | Feb 3rd

What a night this one was. Some old "friends" turn up when you least expect them, and the team gets into a mess with one of their own. Too much to explain here. You just gotta listen.

3:15:00 | Jan 27th

Lots and LOTS of story beats today, including a fun run-in with a couple of guards who did not see that Pixie coming. Also, Queen Hope? Maybe.

3:08:00 | Jan 20th

So much fun today. Great dungeon action with some erotic library fun. Sound interesting? Well then dive in!
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