The Pineapple Project

Does the word ‘budget’ make you microsleep? Have you never, ever looked at your super? Do you avoid dealing with your finances because it seems too hard, and boring, and annoying? Welcome. It’s time to get it together with money. Welcome. You’re not ...Show More


23:35 | Mar 10th

Your sick or ageing loved one is lying in a hospital bed. The doctors are asking for a decision: "What would they want?". What about the advance care directive? Wait, what is that? And how do I make a...Show More

28:36 | Mar 3rd

So, who gets your kids if you die? And have they actually agreed to take them? SPOILER ALERT: A will written on the back of a coaster isn't necessarily legit. Here's an easy guide to making a will an...Show More
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01:14 | Feb 29th

Is there a conversation you need to have with someone but you've been putting it off? Maybe something you want to say to people but you're a bit...scared? We're researching the next season of this pod...Show More

25:59 | Feb 25th

When someone dies, it's up to the people left behind to piece their lives together using only the clues left behind. What if the person who died was the one who paid the bills? Or, what if you haven't...Show More

26:41 | Feb 18th

Chances are, you'll have to arrange a funeral at least once. When a loved one dies, and suddenly it falls to you to organise things, where do you even start? It's time to learn all the things most f...Show More
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