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Conversations about React with your favorite developers.

53:46 | Jul 7th

Have you had the privilege of working in PHP? If you haven't let me tell you: You can have a dynamic website just by putting a single PHP file on a host, anywhere. It's magic For us React developers, everything is a lot more complicated. We want ...Show More

56:39 | Sep 5th

This week we sit down with Chris Biscardi — open source developer and consultant. He's working with Gatsby on projects like gatsby-mdx and gatsby-themes. So we talk about what Gatsby Themes are, why they promise to bring a new wave of shareability ...Show More

48:33 | Aug 29th

This week we sit down with Phani Raju. He's a Staff Engineer at GitHub and lead on the GitHub Package Registry. He tells us what package registries are and why GitHub is uniquely suited to take them to the next step in security, trust, and user expe...Show More

40:36 | Aug 22nd

This week on React Podcast we sit down with James K Nelson. We discuss what makes React hard to learn and how he's addressing that with his teaching platform frontarm.com. We talk about learning React without the buzzwords, his new router — Navi — a...Show More

49:16 | Aug 15th

This week we talk Jamison Dance about the parts of programming that are distinctly non-technical. We talk about the perfect TLD, working with a team, finding psychological safety, the organization of React Rally, and how to recycle batteries. Jamis...Show More

42:36 | Aug 8th

This week we talk with Eve Porcello about getting started with GraphQL. She is the co-author of Learning React and Learning GraphQL. She travels the world with husband Alex bank teaching JavaScript and telling jokes. We talk about comedy and code a...Show More

44:00 | Aug 1st

We sit down with venerable Emma Wedekind to talk mentorship. She tells us all about different types of mentorship you can find, At what phases in your career each type is most valuable, And how to get a "yes" from someone you'd like to mentor you. ...Show More

59:41 | Jul 25th

This week, on React Podcast, We sit with Paul Henschel and talk animation. Paul is the creator of React-spring a library for animating UI based on spring physics. We talk about the library's origin, its future, and how to create lasting beauty on t...Show More

49:33 | Jul 18th

This week we sit with Erik Rasmussen to discuss forms in React. We talk about his library redux-form and it's evolution to final-form — a framework agnostic approach to making dynamic forms easy. Along the way the talk open source maintenance and mon...Show More

49:14 | Jul 11th

This week, we talk accessibility pitfalls with Aaron Canon. Aaron is the co-founder and chief accessibility engineer at Accessible360 — where he uses his experience as a blind developer to improve real-world accessibility for all citizens of the web...Show More

51:53 | Jun 27th

Navigating a career is tricky. This is double true for women in tech. Add a spouses career, traditional gender expectations, Single-parenting, Or illness to the mix And finding a satisfying career can feel impossible. Today, Sophia Shoemaker sits wi...Show More

1:00:34 | Jun 20th

How many times have you written a state reducer? 100 times? 100 times a month? Truth is, it's tricky for human brains to write performant state mutations in immutable terms. Maybe you're whip smart and you've got the theory on lock but the resultin...Show More

51:32 | May 30th

Saron Yitbarek is the CEO and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She's also the vibrant host of the CodeNewbie Podcast, Basecs Podcast, and Command Line Heroes (a Red Hat podcast). Chanta...Show More

55:16 | May 23rd

Scott Tolinski is creator of Level Up Totorials and co-host of Syntax — a tasty treats podcast for web developers. He joins us on React Podcast to talk about career, hobbies, and building a business. Chantastic asks him about break dancing, YouTube ...Show More

41:07 | May 16th

Jon Rohan is an Engineer on the Design Systems Team at Github, building tooling for Octicons and Primer — their React component library. Chantastic asks about his 6 year tenure at GitHub, the inspiration behind his primer.css slam poem, how their us...Show More

59:28 | May 9th

Kent C Dodds is a blogger, podcaster, open sorcerer, and community builder that recently made the leap to full-time, independent educator. Chantastic asks about the approach Kent took while developing his career PayPal, what he had to give up to sta...Show More

38:09 | May 2nd

Houssein Djirdeh works with the Developer Relations team at Google, educating React developers on web application performance. He created the world best iPhone and Android app for Github — GitPoint. Chantastic asks about his experience creating GitP...Show More

46:40 | Apr 25th

Versioning. How do we do it? It's a lot more complicated than "just use semver!" This week Michael Jackson joins us again to discuss the pains of versioning, how to avoid them, and why it all comes down to communication. Chantastic asks about upcomi...Show More

37:31 | Apr 18th

Nader Dabit is the author on React Native in Action, Host of React Native Radio, Educator, Speaker, and doing developer relations for AWS Cloud. Chantastic asks about Amplify and AppSync, where they fit into AWS offerings, why they make authenticati...Show More

51:06 | Apr 11th

Jamon Holmgren is CTO and cofounder of Infinite Red, a consultancy that specializes in React Native. Chantastic asks about Jamon's start in programming and entrepreneurship, why consultancies have an edge in Open Source, and how the Chain React conf...Show More

49:30 | Apr 4th

Sara is a developer on the beloved CodeSandbox app. She's worked for years as a developer advocate, giving brilliant talks across the world, and building some of the wildest sites on the web. Chantastic asks her about succeeding against mental illne...Show More

1:01:34 | Mar 28th

Typescript. What is it? How does it help you write better code? Will it help you sleep better at night? Jared is a lead engineer at The Palmer Group, a strategy, design, and engineering firm. There he uses TypeScript every day to keep code sturdy an...Show More

46:12 | Mar 21st

Cassidy Williams is a Senior Software Engineer CodePen in Seattle — using React, Redux, GraphQL, and Apollo Client to build the frontend of CodePen and CodePen Projects. Chantastic asks about building a startup on a plane, maximizing side hustle eff...Show More

33:11 | Mar 14th

Kyle is a JavaScript engineer at webflow, speaker, educator, and Twitch streamer. Chantastic asks Kyle about his experience healing from burnout, identifying his value, interviewing as a senior developer, and evaluating team fit. They discuss the i...Show More

38:21 | Mar 7th

Kyle is a JavaScript engineer at webflow, speaker, educator, and Twitch streamer. Chantastic asks Kyle about his experience breaking into web development, how he navigated the early portion of his career, and the inspiration behind his show secondCa...Show More

41:11 | Feb 28th

Brian Vaughn is a member of the React Core team and creator of libraries like react-virtualized and react-window. He's a wealth of knowledge in React performance and application profiling. Chantastic asks Brian about the new profiler tools he's been...Show More

39:37 | Feb 21st

Shawn Swyx Wang moderates and organizes r/reactjs on Reddit. He also works on developer experience at Netlify. Shawn is a voracious learner and loves to share what he's learning and believes that everyone — regardless of experience — should "learn in...Show More

46:49 | Jan 17th

Matt Perry is the developer behind PopMotion, a declarative animation library for the web. Chantastic asks his inspiration for PopMotion, the difficulties of maintaining a low-level open source library, what he things declarative APIs might look like...Show More

36:30 | Jan 9th

Jen Luker is a lead software engineer at Formidable Labs, keynote speaker, host of @BookBytesFM, and expert knitter. Chantastic asks her about the Fiber Arts Corner at React Conf, the history that textiles and programming share, and how we can make o...Show More

48:12 | Dec 19th, 2018

Laurie Voss is the Co-founder/COO of npm. He’s traveling the world and telling developers about npm and the future of JavaScript. Chantastic asks about his bold predictions for 2019, what the future brings for React, and how React could beat web comp...Show More

38:34 | Dec 12th, 2018

Vincent Riemer is the creator of io808.com and react-native-dom. He loves working on projects that challenge assumptions and inspire play. Chantastic asks him about his shoes, the inspiration behind and execution of io808.com and his mad scientist ad...Show More

44:19 | Dec 4th, 2018

Ryan Florence is the co-creator of React Router and creator of accessibility-first React libraries Reach Router and Reach UI. Chantastic sits with him to talk about Hooks on the night before they're announced. They talk about React's API growth, if S...Show More

32:21 | Nov 28th, 2018

Christina is a developer at Google and speaker at React Conf 2018. Chantastic asks her about her cloud development process. They talk about changing careers, building brains, cheating imposter syndrome, speaking at conferences, and all the services y...Show More

47:42 | Nov 20th, 2018

Jared Palmer is a passionate JavaScript developer, pushing developer ergonomics in React with projects like formik and react-fns. Chantastic asks about what Suspense and Hooks mean for existing apps and what we should know to migrate our code sanely....Show More

53:08 | Nov 14th, 2018

Jason Lengstorf is a developer advocate at Gatsby and productivity speaker/author. Chantastic asks about what the Gatsby team is up to, why Gatsby makes sense, and how their team is growing a vibrant JavaScript community. They talk about GraphQL, why...Show More

59:19 | Oct 31st, 2018

The React core team sits down with Michael Jackson to discuss React today and tomorrow. They talk Concurrent Mode, Suspense, Hooks, the new profiler tab, scheduling in the browser, React Fire, React Fusion, becoming more framework-y, appearing less J...Show More

59:43 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Brad Frost is the author of Atomic Design, renowned speaker, and consulting designer. Chantastic asks him about his recent experience learning React and the difficulty he found entering the realm of React. They talk about team communication, developi...Show More

41:13 | Oct 16th, 2018

Diana and Emily create design systems at Github. Chantastic asks them about the story of design at Github, what role React will play in future systems, and what community tools that make their job easier. They talk Rails, Lerna, monorepos, Figma, com...Show More

37:15 | Oct 9th, 2018

Chantastic asks Burke Holland about Five Things, VS Code can do that?!, and what brought him to computers. They discuss Windows 98 UI, React at Microsoft, the gateway drug to TypeScript, React Food Truck, and how how he discovered the identity of hor...Show More

44:08 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Chantastic talks with Sunil Pai about Facebook, Oculus, and what the future holds for the JavaScript community. They discuss Sunil’s early adventures in programming, why firebug changed everything, how he came to mad dogs models, the ways we protect ...Show More

51:55 | Sep 26th, 2018

Chantastic talks with Ryan Florence about Reach UI and why accessibility is important for everyone. They discuss the balance of physical and mental activity, Ryan’s foray into programming and entrepreneurship, the inspiration behind his accessibility...Show More

50:00 | Sep 18th, 2018

Chantastic talks with Kent C Dodds about his adventures in React development and why we should be optimizing code for delete-ability. They discuss React Rally, managing your career, taming your ego, keeping healthy and happy on Twitter, tools for com...Show More

31:46 | Sep 11th, 2018

Chantastic talks with Devon about her adventures in web development and why she organizes the ReactJS San Francisco Bay Area meetup. They discuss how to foster vibrant and inclusive communities, why React Rally is so special, and what it means that A...Show More

47:28 | Sep 4th, 2018

Chantastic talks with Michael about his journey into open source and how he's building a business to sustain open source development. They discuss frontend libraries (then and now), the link between business and open source, the genesis of unpkg.com ...Show More

23:07 | Aug 28th, 2018

Chantastic talks with Nikolai about Prepack — a tool for making JavaScript code run faster. They discuss the goals and challenges before Prepack, why it makes global JavaScript faster, and how it could dramatically improve time to interactive perform...Show More

36:55 | Aug 21st, 2018

Chantastic talks with Alex Reardon about his project react-beautiful-dnd. They discuss the physics of drag and drop, accessibility in any language, tricks and tactics for performance tuning UI, and engineering health in open source.

51:38 | Aug 14th, 2018

Michael Jackson, Michael Chan, and Ken Wheeler talk Smooth Criminal, BBQ tweets, what inspires his open source work, and what he's working on as the Director of Open Source at Formidable Labs.

39:10 | Aug 7th, 2018

Michael Jackson, Michael Chan talk with Shirley Wu about D3 and React, creative data visualizations, freelance work, and how she's helping React developers love D3.

33:28 | Jul 31st, 2018

Michael, Michael, and Harrison talk VX, Charting with D3, Airbnb engineering, and designing unopinionated component APIs in React.

50:00 | Jul 18th, 2018

Michael, Michael, and Kurt talk Gatsby, GraphQL, debugging Node, and gaining buy-in on big teams.

35:40 | Feb 28th, 2018

In this episode Michael Jackson talks with Dan Abramov, author of Redux and create-react-app, about the responsibility that comes with being an influential voice for React, how future versions of React will leverage requestIdleCallback to schedule wo...Show More

35:42 | Feb 20th, 2018

In this episode Michael Jackson talks with Jared Palmer about Razzle, After.js, Formik, several other open source libraries from Jared, as well as Typescript and the implications of the upcoming async APIs in React.

35:05 | Jan 29th, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The React Podcast. In this episode Michael Jackson talks with Nicolas Gallagher about his project React Native for Web, the React Native API, how Twitter's new mobile website is powered by React Native for Web, and...Show More