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The V Word

Dr. Jenn & Dr. Erica


Lady bit talks by lady docs. Two badass gynecologists tackling relevant women's health and reproductive policy issues. Vagina, vagina, vagina. DISCLAIMER: This show is not meant to substitute actual medical advice.


26:30 | May 25th

It's that thing that goes in your vagina to do your pap smear, check for infections, put in your IUD, monitor bleeding, and everything else in gynecology: your friend, the speculum! Cold, metal (somet...Show More

44:03 | May 18th

In this episode, we break down what exactly is postpartum psychosis, who is most likely to be affected, and how to get help.  We also talk to Eve Canavan, recipient of the British Empire Medal & Coor...Show More
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17:12 | May 11th

Listen in to hear how telemedicine is changing menopause care & how you can easily access board-certified midlife health experts, and, if necessary, also receive FDA-approved hormone replacement thera...Show More

28:37 | May 4th

Abortion care is time-sensitive essential health care. Even just a few days can make a difference in what options are available - and even if the option is available at all. A global pandemic is not t...Show More

32:20 | Apr 27th

In this episode of Ask A Lady Doc, we talk with Dr. Amy Voedisch, who specializes in family planning and menopause care at Stanford University, about all the ins and outs of mid-life women's healthcar...Show More
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