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History Is Sexy

History Is Sexy

History is Sexy is a podcast presented by historian Dr Emma Southon and writer Janina Matthewson answering listener questions about history. What did the Romans do for us? Where did marrying for love come from? What was world war one all about? Find ...Show More
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1:06:23 | Mar 21st

After a short break, Emma and Janina dive into the world of musical theatre, examining important shows and pondering the question, why are so many musicals about revolution? Featuring: Rambunctious revolutionaries! Corpulent kings! Bangers, wall-to-...Show More

1:27:11 | Aug 16th

Emma and Janina return for the second bit of their two-part quest to tackle Chinese history, dynasty by dynasty. There's so much of it! www.ko-fi.com/hispod
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1:04:47 | Jul 31st

It's our most ambitious episode ever, can we fit thousands of years of Chinese history into just two hours? We'll certainly give it a try! Strap in for a whistle-stop tour of Chinese history, as told by Emma and Janina.

1:08:39 | Jul 18th

This time our duo investigates a dark period of history that lasted a lot longer than you might think. The subject of a famous Monty Python bit, the Spanish Inquisition features plenty of grotesque terror for everyone to enjoy! Featuring: Papal Bull...Show More

58:17 | Jun 27th

We're back! This week, Emma and Janina take a look at the lives of women in ancient Athens. Was it really better to be a hetaera (courtesan) than a wife?
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