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Kath and Rachel


A podcast where Kath explains to Rachel why wrestling is good. Email us!


39:02 | Apr 12th, 2018

Rachel and Kath meet with comedian Ron Funches during Wrestlemania Weekend. They talk being a wrestling fan, actually wrestling, and plugs (

48:20 | Dec 28th, 2019

OH HEY WE GOT 2019 HUNK OF THE YEAR HANGMAN PAGE!!!! Rachel and Hangman sat down in Pittsburgh and shot the shit for two hours and he was to say the least, a dream. We love you Hangman. Congrats on be...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

1:26:20 | Dec 25th, 2019

David and Khris sat down with Rachel to explain Goldberg to her. Wow, that guy is big and it rules! We talk being big and yelling, silly entrances, DDP's insane talent, Magic Mike, ad reads, David's t...Show More

1:13:09 | Nov 27th, 2019

Rachel went on the road with Wheeler Yuta to not only watch Uncharted Territory but to talk to him for you all! We get into high school sports, meeting your idols, trampoline entrances, teaching your ...Show More

1:07:58 | Nov 22nd, 2019

Not only do we have one guest this episode, but we have TWO!!! Tony Deppen and Jake Atlas sat down with Rachel in LA to hang out after BOLA night one. They're complete angels, and if they come to wres...Show More
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