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The Big Travel Podcast

Lisa Francesca Nand: Travel Journalist and Broadcaster

The Big Travel Podcast: Exploring Life-Stories Through Travel. Taking you on a journey of discovery, with a wonderfully diverse selection of characters, The Big Travel Podcast explores life-stories in travel; from childhoods with little money for...Show More

36:39 | Sep 11th

NASA astronaut John Herrington was the first ever Native American to travel to space. He lives in the Idaho wilderness, flies his own plane, cycled over 4000 miles from Washington to Florida and recently features as one of two inspiring U.S. trailbla...Show More

40:28 | Aug 6th

Waking up in a Bangkok sex hotel with his mum on his 30th birthday with no money and nothing to do but talk, lead to an epiphany for writer, actor and broadcaster, Rhik Samadder. He writes about battling depression and much more in his wonderfurful n...Show More
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38:11 | Jul 24th

Known as the Arabian Wandress, travel blogger and artist Esra Alhamal is this week’s guest talking about what it’s really like to grow up as a female in Saudi Arabia, the beauty of Islamic architecture and her travels as what she calls a Muslim Mille...Show More

38:58 | Jul 17th

As a foreign correspondent for Reuters, best-selling novelist Fiona Neill worked with Salvadorean refugees in Nicaragua, made jewellery in the Andes of Peru and travelled all over South America reporting on civil war refugees. She ‘surfed’ down the s...Show More

32:35 | Jul 2nd

With the publishing phenomenon of The Rosie Project and follow-up The Rosie Effect having sold over 5 million copies worldwide, the final of Graeme Simsion’s trilogy, The Rosie Result, is out now. There’s a proposed Hollywood adaptation in the works ...Show More
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