The Bible Binge

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Talking about Bible stories is often fraught with scholarly nerd alerts about ancient linguistics and inaccessible theological discussions centered around hermeneutics. But what if there was a way to use your pop culture literacy to enhance your bibl...Show More

48:04 | Feb 9th

In this episode, tensions are running high and things are heating up at the Bachelor House (aka King Xerxes’ palace). Esther’s guardian Mordecai steps on some royal toes and accidentally sets in motio...Show More

56:51 | Jan 26th

There’s a new queen in town! In this episode, the official beauty queen pageant begins between Esther and the rest of King Xerxes' harem, but trouble lurks around the corner. No one is here to make fr...Show More
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1:00:28 | Jan 12th

Welcome to Season 8 of The Bible Binge dedicated to the most cunningly courageous queen in the Bible, Esther. SNL’s Stefon would tell you that The Book of Esther has everything. It has murder, lies, i...Show More

03:00 | Jan 5th

A season dedicated to the cunning and courageous winner of The Bible Bachelor: Esther. This season is a special crossover season with our other show The Popcast with Knox and Jamie. As we are recappin...Show More
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