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What ‘American Dirt’ Gets Wrong

13:56 | Jan 27th

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Many Latinx writers, including here in the Bay Area, have expressed frustration with American Dirt, a new book by Jeanine Cummins that has been called the next great American novel. Oprah even selecte...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 10th

The publicity lunch for this over-hyped book about a Mexican mother and son crossing the border included barb wire as the centrepiece for the table settings. The author is on social media bragging about how beautiful her manicure with barb wire art looks. This book is a total train wreck yet Oprah s...Show More

alicekoFeb 10th

I had no idea about the nails....

aliceko recommended:Feb 1st

What is this book being championed by Oprah but surrounded by tons of controversy? It'a story about a Mexican mother and son who try to cross the border to the US - after their family is massacred at a quinceañera - written by a non-Mexican woman who has never experienced any trauma with border cros...Show More

michelle_ebooks recommended:Jan 27th

🤮🤮🤮 "a new novel (by a white woman) identifies the white appetite for Mexican pain and exploits it" - ann friedman don't read 'american dirt' & always yell for publishing to DO BETTER (it is still 80% white)

alicekoFeb 1st

@michelle_ebooks @rosaguac I'm shocked that Oprah is standing by this??

rosaguac recommended:Jan 27th

american dirt is a mess 🗑 a white author downplaying and romanticizing border politics and capitalizing on a culture&experience that isn’t hers 🗣 a critique on a broader problem within the publishing industry and the prioritization of white voices (always)


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