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How We Got Here, Part 1: The 'Great Risk Shift' From Companies To Workers

37:27 | Jul 6th

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Tens of millions of people in the US are either out of a job or still working without meaningful protections, benefits, or wage increases. And if something goes wrong, workers mostly have to figure it...Show More


mm recommended:Sep 7th

It's devastating how labour rights and benefits have eroded over the last decades. The notion of a pension is a long-lost concept in the current generation of workers. Uber and Doordash aren't reinventing the notion of gig work. They're just playing harder into the cards that the US federal governme...Show More

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highly recommend this 5 part series about exactly how corporations have increasingly prioritized the profits of shareholders while constantly cutting out workers’ benefits/protections/fair wages. it is especially clear now in this pandemic how truly bad it has gotten. this truly sad reality was not ...Show More

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